Top 8 Grav Labs Bubblers Available For Sale Online

Grav Labs Bubblers are a functional smoking pipe. Once you take a rip from a Grav Labs Bubbler, the smoke will go down the tube where it makes smoke bubbles that the water inside of the Grav Labs Bubbler cools. There are a lot of great Grav Labs Bubblers available for you to choose from, and it is highly recommended that you do so because glass bubblers filter out some of the water-soluble contaminants in the smoke and they also cool the smoke. These things are a lot better for your lungs, which is why you should take a moment to check out the top eight Grav Labs Bubblers listed here.


8. 3-in-1 Glass Helix Multi Pipe, Spoon, and One-Hitter – $ 129.99

The 3-in-1 Glass Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs is a fine piece that will make you feel as though you got three high-quality glass pipes in one of the best glass bubblers available today. This glass bubbler is very durable, even though its 10mm joints are glass on glass. It comes with a swirling vortex venturi chamber, spoon, an acrylic joint clamp, and some one-hitter attachments all by Grav Labs Bubblers, which is a name you can trust because all the pipes from Grav Labs Bubblers are made from the very best lab-grade borosilicate glass possible, giving you a safe, enjoyable smoke.

7. Tower Grav Labs Bubblers with Removable Showerhead Downstem & Mouthpiece – Scientific Glass – 9 Inches- $ 149.99

 When you’re looking for a clean smoke without all the mess, you want the Tower Grav Labs Bubblers with Removable Showerhead Downstem Percolator and Removable 90-Degree Angle Mouthpiece. The mouthpiece on this glass bubbler makes it easy to break down and wash. This beautiful Grav Labs Bubbler is 9 inches tall and the funnel bowl also matches them. This is another great piece by Grav Labs that you’ll definitely want to add to your collection.


6. Glass Grav Labs Bubblers Pipe – 32mm – Black, Red, White, Blue, Green – $ 67.99

These 32mm Grav Labs Bubblers are available in your choice of red, white, blue, and green. If you want a bubbler that’s discreet and easy to travel with, this durable piece is for you. It is everything that you’ve come to expect from Grav Labs Bubblers. They definitely pay close attention to details, even with this small piece that’s made from scientific glassware that takes minimal care. The strength of this piece by Grav Labs Bubblers means that it won’t break regardless of where you carry it.

5. Upline Grav Labs Bubblers Bong – Scientific Glass – Large & Small – Assorted Decal Colors – $ 199.99

The Upline Glass Grav Labs Bubblers which was designed by award-winning Michah Evans and manufactured by Grav Labs Bubblers is made of scientific glass. The beauty of this piece that’s made by Grav Labs Bubblers will double as the perfect conversation piece in your room. Slender in size, it’s available as a 12” or 20” high piece. The smoke percolates through the glass chambers on the spine. Regardless of which size you choose to buy from Grav Labs Bubblers you’ll have the option of green, red, blue, and black decal colors.

4. Grav Labs Bubblers With Dual Sprocket Discs by Grav Gold – $ 324.99

Speaking of conversation pieces, the Grav Labs Bubblers Tree Perc Bubbler with Dual Spocket Discs by Grav Gold is part of a limited edition in which only 220 of these glass bubblers will be sold. This 65mm scientific glass bong has 50-hold double sprockets, a 14/23 bistabil joint and has very effective filtration that you won’t find anywhere else other than with Grav Labs Bubblers. It sits really straight with everything that’s perfectly vertically aligned. The base also helps prevent tipping. The main difference between this bong and the others that are made by Grav Labs Bubblers is that this one has two sprocket discs with 50 holes in them, which means twice the amount of aeration and filtration. So, if you’re after maximum filtration, you’ve found it here.

3. Frit Disc Grav Labs Bubblers With Smoke Accents by Grav Gold – $ 324.99

Another one of the limited edition (only 120 to be sold) glass Grav Labs Bubblers available is the Frit Disc Grav Labs Bubbler with Smoke Accents by Grav Gold. Not only will you get a smooth hit from this bong; you will also get a lot of punch out of this small pipe that comes from its mesh filtration system that refines the aeration process. Grav Labs Bubblers also includes a Buoy Base on this pipe so that everything is well-balanced in a way that won’t spill. The whole piece is only 9 inches tall with a translucent, smokey side-car arm that you’ll enjoy looking at. Some of the other great features that Grav Labs Bubblers have included are 50×5 glass and a 14/23 LENZ joint all to make it easy and enjoyable for you to smoke.

2. Frit Disc Grav Labs Bubblers With Black Accents by Grav Gold – $ 324.99

Specializing in limited-edition glass bubblers, Grav Labs Bubblers also has the Grav Labs Frit Disc Bubbler With Black Accents by Grav Gold. With this bong, you don’t have to worry about anything because everything is done for you. Grav Labs Bubblers developed this for both novices and experts alike. Standing 9 inches tall it rests atop a Buoy Base that’s filled with water that helps stabilize it, making it harder to tip over. It also uses mesh instead of holes for a filtering system. In this way Grav Labs Bubblers allows you to enjoy a much finer aeration process whereby the smoke is broken up into smaller particles that aren’t nearly as harsh. Other features of this great, glass bubbler include 50×5 glass, a solid black side-car arm, a 14/23 LENZ joint, and a matching bowl. This beautiful bong is a joy to use.

1. Inject Grav Labs Bubblers with Horn Accents by Grav Gold – $ 254.99

Grav Labs Inject Bubbler with Horn Accents by Grav Gold is a very stylish bong that blends the pleasure of smoking with the art of sculpture. This glass bubbler has 65mm thick wall glass and a very stable base that makes it both strong and sturdy. Accented with horns that have either blue, aqua, or smoke tints and customized marble, this bubbler by Grav Labs Bubblers has a 14mm nail set that’s coated with titanium nitride. There’s also a 26mm mouthpiece that flairs out to give you a sealed fitting. This Grav Labs Bubbler also uses two tubes so that you get twice the hit from a single toke. Top it all off with the fact that this Grav Labs Bubbler has an angled dome, which is where you’ll find the matching marble. Even when you’re not smoking you’ll enjoy looking at it.