5 Best Cool Bongs For Sale

Whether you are shopping, browsing or updating your wish list, you will not want to miss these cool bongs for sale. This is an opportunity to add to your style of cool bongs, show-off their uniqueness, engineering genius and durability. The cool bongs for sale here are unique and tested with the feel of quality built-in to every item. The items for sale were selected for their quality, feel, and beauty.

There’s a cool bong that fits every decor. How about that special friend who has been chatting about purchasing a new bong. Whether your cool bong is displayed in a cabinet, on a shelf or strategically placed throughout your home, the cool bongs are for sale now, and what better time to make a selection that will add attractiveness and enhance your decor. They are the top of the line when it comes to what’s in today, and will be here tomorrow.

Borosilicate glass, also known as Pyrex, a product most people are familiar with in that it is known for having extremely low coefficients of thermal expansion. In other words, making the glass resistant to thermal shock more than any other common glass used today. Knowing that a cool bong is made of borosilicate glass is reassuring in the structure and design of a cool bong.

5. Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Nano Cool Bong For Sale for $129.99


When the best is at the top of your wish list! Grav Labs created this spectacular Mini cool bong – 8 Inch Percolator available in your choice of Aqua, Black or Clear. The Honeycomb Disc Percolator cool bongs surely identifies quality and style. Accompanied by its own travel case, you can safely pack and go, knowing your cool bongs Honeycomb style is safe for travel. This cool bong is made of high-quality glass, features a 10mm glass on glass joint. If you are looking for a durable water pipe, who has a better reputation than Grav Labs. Each cool bong for sale comes complete with a User Manual.

4. Mini Hookah for Shisha – Cool Bongs For Sale $39.99

These colorful cool bongs are literally acrylic gems. If you are looking for a durable Mini Hookah, that stands just 11 inches high, designed for everyday use, or any occasion look no further for a cool bong for sale. The bowl is ceramic, able to withstand high heat. Of course, these cool bongs metal parts are rust-resistant and priced to be included in every collection of cool bongs. These gems are Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Sea Black, and Brilliant Blue. Each cool Bonb is sold complete with a User Manual.


3. Fancy Striped Mini Cool Bongs For Sale – $79.99

If you enjoy cool bongs that are constructed of heavy glass, yet these cool bongs are only 10 inches high? Look no further… The Fancy Striped Mini cool bong featured here is beautifully crafted, and made of heavy glass using borosilicate, the same product found in Pyrex glass. They do not easily tip, constructed with a solid base, and beautifully adorned with their fancy striped, sleek cool bong appearance. Each cool bong for sale is sold complete with a user manual.

2. Beaker Base Mini Cool Bongs For Sale, designed by Grav Labs – $129.99

This unique mini style water cool bong is manufactured by the best, Grav is unique to any cool bong collection. Constructed with scientific glass made of borosilicate, stands only 12 inches high, and designed with the cool bongs black and clear glass stripped glass. The unique beaker style offers the “best-filtered” smoke utilizing the substantial power of this glass bong’s ice-catcher. You will appreciate the splash guard which keeps the water away from your mouth. Who else but Grav could do it with such cool bong style. Each cool bong for sale is sold complete with a user manual.


1. Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Cool Bong For Sale, manufactured by Grav Labs – $159.99

The Honeycomb filtering system in this cool bong is superb in its design. Made of scientific glass called borosilicate, also known by most people as Pyrex, gives you the feel, strength and durability of Pyrex glass. The cool bongs designed by Grav produces the cool bongs bubbling power needed for you the enjoyment of smoother-smoke delivered by cool bongs. All joints are 14mm Glass on Glass. Each cool bong for sale is sold complete with a user manual.