Best Glass Bongs For 2017

Glass bongs are used to smoke marijuana. Many people enjoy using a glass bong since they do not use paper and filters, like cigarette’s and cigars do. There are several different designs and shapes a glass bong can come in. Below are eleven different glass bongs people have used and are still using.

11. Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Glass Bongs by Grav Labs – 12 inches, $159.99

The Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator glass bongs come in clear and black. These glass bongs have a honeycomb filtering power system. This type of system allows for a cleaner, smoother smoke for the user. The glass bong will keep water away from the user lips by way of an ice catcher splash guard. The ice catcher splash guard chills the product with every draw or inhale from the user. The glass joint of this type of bongs is made of 14mm glass. The glass used in the Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Bong is strong and durable for years of proper use.

10. Clear Glass Beaker Base Single Percolator Bong – 12 inches, $149.99

The Clear Glass Beaker Base Single Percolator glass bongs are 12 inches in height. It has three diffusion slits on each of its arms. The diffusion slits allows even the roughest tobaccos to fully cool by producing more than enough bubbles. These bongs has an ice catcher right above the percolator. The position of the ice catcher allows for a little extra chilling power. What exits the mouthpiece in this glass bong is silky and smooth. The 14mm bowl in these glass bongs will slide off easily, which helps aides in clearing the pipe of unused tobacco.

9. Mini Glass Bongs With Hook – 9 inches, $59.99

The Glass Mini Bong with Hook comes in three colors – amber, blue, and black. These glass bongs are stylish and tough at the same time. For an extra chill while using these bongs, the user will add a few ice cubes in the ice catcher. If the user does not want to go for the extra chill, but still wants a cool, smooth smoke, they would add a little bit of water in the glass bong. Even though these bongs only stand 9 inches tall, they are still very stylish and durable.

8. Grav Labs Mini Dual Chamber Hourglass Recycler Glass Bongs by Grave Gold, $199.99

These glass bongs have a dome bottom and titanium nails, but the rest of it is made entirely of glass. There is a curvy, hourglass shape to these bongs. The bottom half of this glass bong is wider and larger than the top half to help support it. The circumference of the mouthpiece is thick in the Grav Labs Mini Dual Chamber Hourglass Recycler bongs. Besides having the thick circumference, the mouthpiece in this one is a bit smaller when compared to other glass bongs.

7. Upright Bubbler With Showerhead Percolator And Helix Mouthpiece by Grav Labs – 8 Inches, $199.99

These glass bongs come in three different colors – green, red, and black. The mouthpiece of this glass bong has a trumpet style to them. The Upright Bubbler with Showerhead Percolator and Helix Mouthpiece glass bongs have 14mm glass on glass joints and a funnel bowl. To ensure smooth, clean puffs every time it is used, these bongs have a percolator in the shape of a shower head.

6. Grav Labs Pendant Disc Rig With White Glass Accents by Grav Gold, $159.99

These glass bongs aerates the water with a two hole downstream system. The smoke quality intensifies and the airflow increases with the two hole downstream system. At the top of these glass bongs is a pendant. The pendant allows for the air pressure to be adjusted to what the user wants. The pendant also allows for the right amount of smoke delivery the user is looking for. These glass bongs have nano joints and a 10mm glass dome. The Pendant Disc Rig with White Glass Accents bongs has a good filtration system to them.

5. Grav Labs Sprocket Tree Perc With Disc Mouthpiece by Grav Gold, $249.99

These glass bongs have a 75mm disc mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is shaped to have a sealed fit and to feel natural. The bongs have an eight-arm tree percolator sprocket rig system. It was designed with the eight arms to allow more smoke to get through during each puff. The turbine action of this glass bong helps to increase the flow of the smoke. The glass bowl of these glass bongs is 10mm. The Grav Labs Sprocket Tree Perc With Disc Mouthpiece has a matching triple pinch bowl for the user to put extra on in case they took too much out of tobacco can or if they want extra out to smoke.

4. Inline Dual Action Bubbler by Grav Labs – Dab Rig and Dry Herb Bong – 12 inches, $249.99

These glass bongs are 12 inches tall. It is used mainly for smoking of dry herbs. Besides the dry herbs, these glass bongs can also be used to smoke concentrates, waxes, and oils. Since these bongs have a dual action bubbler, the user can choose either side they wish to smoke from. The Inline Dual Action Bubbler Dab Rig and Dry Herb bongs percolates through the glass chambers running up the spine.

3. Grav Labs Frit Disc Bubbler With Black Accents by Grav Gold, $249.99

The Frit Disc Bubbler glass bongs were designed with the novice and expert smokers in mind. Instead of using holes, these glass bongs use a mesh to filter the smoke. The smoke produced has smaller, less harsh particles due to the mesh filtering system of these glass bongs. This entire bong stands on top of a Buoy Base filled with water and is 9 inches tall. The water filled Buoy Base of these bongs is used to stabilize it. The water filled based also makes it harder to tip over.

2. Grav Labs Mini Frit Disc Bubbler With White Accents by Grav Golv, $274.99

These bongs are seven inches tall. The base is fat, round, and ivory colored with a matching bowl which is 10mm in diameter. The chamber of these glass bongs has a dip in it before it curves into its smoking position. The Grav Labs Mini Frit Disc Bubbler with White Accents glass bong has a coarse diffusion frit. The coarse frit process of these glass bongs provides the right amount of filtration and flavor.

1. Grav Labs Double Sprocket Glass Bongs Tree Perc With Jade White Accents by Grav Gold, $299.99

These clear glass bongs are part of a limited edition Grav Gold collection of 331 units constructed. This glass bong provides a clean flavor through two sprocket percolators. The sprocket percolators each have 30 holes. The tree percolator on these glass bongs has eight holes. The bowl, mouthpiece, and base on the Grav Labs Double Sprocket Tree Percolator are white. The body itself on these bongs is very clear and transparent. These glass bongs come with a matching dome and titanium nail.