Best Bongs for Cheap of 2017

Finding bongs for cheap can be somewhat overwhelming to a novice. Most experienced bong users will be quick to point out that the most expensive bong is not necessarily the best one for a particular user. There are many well-crafted bongs for cheap on the market, including glass bongs with percolators. A percolator helps cool the bong smoke down faster and more evenly than a bong, that is without a percolator.

Do not be deterred from the bongs for cheap. Many high quality bongs can be purchased for very little, and these bongs are often just as elaborately designed and decorated as the fancier glass bongs with percolators and other bells and whistles. Bongs for cheap can actually turn up more interesting options than their pricier counterparts.

10. Flaming Skull (Amber) Bongs for Cheap – $175.00

When it comes to bongs for cheap, the Flaming Skull combines originality and simplicity for half the price of a more elaborate set-up. Glass bongs with percolators tend to come with a less powerful design, but the Flaming Skull has a 6-arm percolator internal diffusion chamber tinted amber. Most bongs for cheap tint the glass with garish colors, or not at all, but this unusual glass bongs with percolator raises the bar for design. The Flaming Skull features a beaker base in thick, reinforced glass with ice notches and a splashguard. Many other bongs for cheap won’t have all the details put into the design of a high quality bong. This is bong for cheap that is made to impress!

9. ROOR Zumo Straight Cylinder Glass Bongs for Cheap (Orange Logo) – $255.00

The name says it all about this bong for cheap. The ROOR is a simple, straight glass cylinder with the logo in orange lettering. Unlike glass bongs with percolators, ROOR is a classic design absent of complexity. This bong for cheap, however, utilizes an effective design manufactured in Germany for 35 years. The ROOR has two joint size options, and is built with extra strong glass to increase durability. Many bongs for cheap ignore the need for a well-crafted glass bong with or with a percolator regardless of price, but ROOR does not skimp on the functionality and practicality of excellent construction.

8. Glass Ice Bongs for Cheap with 3-D Marble – $675.00

Bongs for cheap often feature plain designs or an absent of any eye-catching coloring. This is not the case with the Glass Ice Bong. The unique design of this glass bong without a percolator is centered on the 3-D blue marble situated in the body of the cylinder directly above the beaker base. This unusual feature can rarely be found in bongs for cheap. American made and standing at 17 inches tall, the Glass Ice Bong has several other color accents, including a bright blue lip rim. A bong for cheap produced in Oregon, the Glass Ice Bong has ice notches and is capable of a large capacity versus glass bongs with percolators. This is a bong for cheap that is a conversation starter!

7. Blaze Glass Premium Double Spiral Percolator Cylinder Ice Bongs for Cheap (Pink) – $242.45

The Blaze Glass Premium bongs for cheap is just one of its positive attributes. The blaze Glass is a delicate pink for those bored with clear glass bongs with percolators. The percolator is a double spiral lending to a smoother smoking experience. The ice notches in this bong for cheap also create a cooled smoke that is easier to inhale and is less harsh on the lungs. It’s difficult to find glass bongs with percolators for cheap, but The Blaze Glass Premium is a great deal, especially if considering giving bongs for cheap as a gift to a friend who would appreciate the pink coloring.

6. Blaze Glass Premium Cylinder Ice Bongs for Cheap (Blue) – $249.00

The Blaze Glass Premium is one of the top bongs for cheap on the market. In addition, the Blaze Glass Premium is a glass bong with a 6-arm percolator installed in the cylinder. Unlike many bongs for cheap, the Blaze Glass Premium is colorful with a deep blue color scheme punctuated by small sections of clear glass. These bongs are equipped with ice notches and a carb hole. Like other glass bongs with percolators, the Blaze Glass Premium produces a bold flavor due to its design. Blaze Glass is one of the best manufacturers of bongs for cheap available today!

5. Blaze Glass Premium Spiral Percolator Ice Bongs for Cheap (Black) – $282.10

Bongs for cheap are readily available from manufacturers like Blaze Glass. Their Premium bong design line highlights glass bongs with percolators with unique design, bold colors, and efficiency. This glass bong with a percolator features a percolator that is spiral shaped, lending to the bong’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Bongs for cheap can often be boring to look at, but the Premium line from Blaze Glass produces straight, smooth-lined designs. This bong for cheap is over 18 inches tall, comes equipped with ice notches for cooling, and has a protective splashguard. Bongs don’t have to look cheap, and the Blaze Glass Premium is nothing but the highest quality at a great price!

4. Pulse Glass Gridded Tongue Percolator Stemless Tube Bongs for Cheap – $450.00

The American manufactured Pulse Glass is among the quality bongs for cheap. In fact, along with other glass bongs with percolators of the same caliber, the Pulse Glass has won numerous awards for best tube bong. A bong for cheap as an award winner may seem unusual, but it’s not. The Pulse Glass is a bong for cheap, but its solid tube design encasing a unique gridded tongue percolator and splashguard makes this crystal clear bong more than just a glass bong with a percolator. Bongs for cheap may cut costs to save money when manufacturing a bong, but every consideration was made for the Pulse Glass, as evidenced by the use of premium German glass to create this impressive tube bong.

3. Black Leaf SubSee Inline Percolator Stemless 9mm Glass Ice Tube Bongs for Cheap (Green) – $295.00

Bongs for cheap of the Black Leaf’s quality level are not easy to come across. The Black Leaf glass bong with percolator has an interesting inverted T-shape with rounded edges. Whereas most bongs for cheap would stick with a conventional design, Black Leaf dares to be different. The Black Leaf has green accents, an impressive 9 ice notch capacity, and the Black Leaf label etched in black and gold lettering on the borosilicate glass. Glass bongs with percolators are designed to work well and, sometimes cost more, but the Black Label is considered a quality bong for cheap.

2. Grav Labs Upline Bubbler Bongs for Cheap – $199.99

Bongs for cheap don’t come in many more fascinating designs than the Upline Bubbler. Glass bongs with percolators tend to use traditional cylinder and tube designs, but the Bubbler adds a twist by making the body a slender cylinder that appears almost delicate when it comes to a bong for cheap. The Bubbler is a bong for cheap that is available in a large 20 inch tall size, or there is a mini version of this glass bong with a percolator. Grav Labs bongs for cheap are designed to accommodate the user’s tastes for originality.

1. Grav Labs Tower Bubbler Bongs for Cheap with Removable Showerhead Downstem & Mouthpiece – $149.99

Made from scientific glass, this bong for cheap is a glass bong with a showerhead percolator. The flawlessly clear glass bong with percolator is a bong for cheap manufactured with a streamlined design constructed to function with the greatest of ease. This bong for cheap is also capable of easy disassembly for cleaning to keep it spotless between uses. Grav Labs are among the top manufacturers of bongs at a reasonable price.