Best Water Bong Product Reviews

When it comes to spending money on a product, every consumer wants to be sure that they are getting value for what they are paying for. This statement rings true for almost every product on the market, including a water bong. It goes without saying that those aiming to purchase water bongs have a specific reason for why they’d need the water bong in the first place. And seeing water bongs for sale reminds potential users of what they’d use it for. However, as with a lot of things, a bong can come in many different varieties. So many choices, in fact, it may be overwhelming to see just how many water bongs for sale there actually are. Luckily, this guide for the top 8 water bongs for sale will help to make the choice easier.

8. Weed Star – Black Jack Messias Glass Tube, Outside Carb: $85.21

This durable water bong is simply styled and you’d be hard pressed to find any other water bongs for sale that is like this one. The Black Jack Messias bong will match your needs perfectly, making this water bong great for all usage. This water bong for sale includes a downstream length of 12cm (4.7 inches) and no ice notches will be found in this bong either.

7. Flaming Skull 7mm Glass Tube with Color Diffusion Chamber and 6-arm Perc: $175.00

A beaker base water bong is a popular choice, and it is easy to see why when you look at this attractive water bong for sale. This bong has numerous design features that will appeal to anyone who appreciates punk-inspired style: a blue glass internal diffusion chamber, flaming skull logo on the side of the water bong, and a height of 45cm (17.75 inches), which is the idea height for a bong. These blue and clear water bongs for sale also features ice notches and a splash guard.

6. G-Spot Ringball Bong: $133.91

The G-spot Ringball water bong is different than some of the other water bongs for sale on this list. The ball at the base of this water bong holds a large amount of water and ice. The quality and care that go into making these kinds of water bongs is apparent in the details: glass thickness, joint size and diameter. Something really special about these water bongs for sale is that customers can upgrade the bong and order a gold edition! For a few more dollars, real gold will be applied throughout the design of this bong for sale.

 5. Curvy Glass Water Bong with assorted color base: $69.99

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful design of this water bong for sale; it is durable and built to last. The care that goes into creating each Curvy Glass Bong is apparent to see and it creates value like none other. The unique curves on this water bong make it easy and comfortable to use.  The ridges allow for easy handling.  The style of this 11 inch water bong for sale is hard to beat and for the price, it may be one of the best deals found online for a bong. Don’t miss out on this amazing bong!

4. Blaze Glass – Black Dominion: $199.99

The beaker base of this water bong equals high volume, making it a great choice for high usage. If you don’t know, adding lot of water and ice to your bong results in very smooth usage. The size of this bong for sale is ideal also: coming in at a glass thickness of 5.0mm, height of 50cm (19.7in) and a diameter of 55mm. This gorgeous water bong isn’t always available for sale so if you do see this water bong for sale, you should buy it right away. The Blaze Glass Black Dominion water bongs are a great value for your money.

3. Black Leaf SubSee Inline Perc Stemless 9mm Glass Ice Tube: $206.50

This water bong for sale has a slightly higher price tag, but taking one look at these Black Leaf water bongs and it is easy to see why. The unique design of this bong for sale is far from standard. It features 9mm glass thickness, height of 40cm (15.75 inches), diameter of 50mm and a joint size of 18.8mm, which are great measurements for a water bong. The submarine style of this bong has nine ice notches with a green tint. These water bongs are decorated with a gold outlined Black Leaf label on the side.

2. Jerome Baker – Showerhead Perc Beaker Base Glass Tube: $240.00

This American made water bong for sale is from Jerome Baker – a household name known for creating quality glass products, including these water bongs. The clear design of this bong is pretty to look at but also simplistic, featuring only the signature logo of Jerome Baker. You won’t regret purchasing these water bongs. These water bongs for sale feature high quality borosilicate glass, 15 inch height, ice notches and a stable beaker base at the bottom of the water bong.

1. Glass Ice Bong – Fully Color Worked With 3-D Marble: $279.13

This quality water bong for sale is American made with you in mind! Made with high quality borosilicate glass and a stable beaker base, this water bong is made to last for years. The Glass Ice water bongs have glass thickness of 5.0mm, height of 43.2cm (17 inches) and a diameter of 50mm (2 inches). The beautiful color design of this water bong comes from the inside out: the black, white and aqua design is made by glass artists, hand blown and made to order. Because every bong for sale is made to order, they are all unique and one of a kind! Each water bong is different.