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Bubblers (or water pipes) are the best way to smoke anything. A bubbler reduces the heat and excess carbon output from your herbs. The heat is a big deal. It is what makes your throat sore if you smoke heavily. This strong list of bubblers for 2016 will help you achieve responsible-smoker status and make you look cool at the same time.

10. Glass Bubblers by Grav Labs – 32mm – Assorted Colors – $49.99

The Grav Labs color glass bubblers set the standard for a true small glass bubbler. This thirty two millimeter iteration is the top choice on the true function of small glass bubblers, which is to concentrate and filter the smoke to enhance the flavor. This stylish bubbler does it effectively and in style with colors like blue and green, as well as a white model. The model is small so it can function discreetly. This is directly the spirit of true bubble pipes. Grav Labs is a pioneer in water pipes and this durable little bubbler is the proof.


9. Clear Nail Dome Showerhead Dab Bubblers – 8 Inches – $ 74.99

The Clear Nail Dome dab bubblers are old fashioned glass bubblers with no special effects. It is moderately sized at 8 inches. The shower head percolator perform the function of true percolators and that is to concentrate every single smoke, thereby enhancing the natural flavor of the smoke. It is a well-constructed glass bubbler water pipe that performs flawlessly. It is for dabs only and has simple, easy to use sturdy construction. The percolator system constantly refines the smoke and leaving a consistent refined sweet taste.

8. Weed Star – Clear Glass Inline Perc Vapor Bubbler – $75.00

The Weed Star Clear Glass Inline Perc Vapor Glass Bubblers are quality butane honey oil smoker. They contain a glass concentrate nail and inline percolator that have over fifteen slits. These high quality glass bubblers should be considered for beginners that want a stylish offering while maintaining a simple, easy to use system. The female joint has a top load system that measures approximately nineteen centimeters long and it has no carburetor hole. The whole system is slightly over nine inches tall.

7. iDab Clear “Spanky” Vapor Tripod Bubbler with Circular Diffuser 18.8mm – $100.00

The iDab Clear Spanky Vapor Tripod Glass Bubblers with Circular Diffuser have a Sherlock style mouthpiece with a naturally formed handle called a maria. It is manufactured from the top quality borosilicate glass called Schott glass. It contains a vapor dome that is loaded from the top and contains the female joint. It also uses a glass marble for a contained percolator. The nail in this glass bubbler is almost nineteen millimeters long and contains a fixed diffused down stem. The famous iDab logos are located on the bubblers and vapor dome.

6. Weed Star – Big Easy Double Wall Shower Perc Glass Bubbler – Green – $125.00

The Weed Star Big Easy Double Wall Shower Perc Glass Bubblers are table model glass bubblers with an hour glass style curve and a round foot as a base. It is completely constructed of quality borosilicate glass and features the green 7 inch glass showerhead style down stem and this model does not have a carburetor. It is an elegant but simple model that is not overdone with many add-ons. Moderate level dabbers should seriously consider these nice glass bubblers.

5. Grav Labs – Helix Multi Glass Pipe – Complete Set – Standard Size – $168.00

The Helix Pipe set is a complete set with all included attachments and is manufactured in America by Grav Labs. These glass bubblers have all Borosilicate glass parts with full glass on glass joints. The attachments include a bubbler, spoon pipe and the one hitter attachment. These glass bubblers sport a funnel shaped Venturi Chamber body with an acrylic joint clamp included. The decal comes in several colors that can be chosen by customers. The colored decals include green, red, blue, black, but there is also a classy etched model.


4. Glass Vapor Bubbler With Built-in Downstem – $165.00

American glass bubblers with complete oil rig have a vapor dome that can be loaded from the top. The borosilicate glass is of the highest quality and the concentrate nail is made of the same high quality material. The male and female joints are both approximately nineteen millimeters. This glass bubbler is designed to cool and refine the smoke naturally due to the concentric curved design of the glass bubblers. The smoke vapor is drawn directly through the top, diffused by the built in diffuser and then cooled through its circular form. Its full height is only eight inches.

3. Defstar Glass – Small Dubbubb Double Bubblers – Red Label – $250.00

The Defstar Dubbubb double glass bubblers are double chambered glass bubblers with an almost twenty millimeter female joint and a fourteen and a half millimeter down stem diffuser and an included clear glass slide bowl of the same size. This glass bubbler is handmade with laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. It is a manageable size measuring nine inches. It has the Defstar logos in black and red labels on the mouthpiece stem and the on the primary chamber. It also does not have a carburetor. This is a very high end model and Grass City is much respected in the business.

2. Deluxe Bubblers by Elevate – $374.99

The Deluxe bubblers are considered to be among the best available. They are specifically designed for dabs and are set in a detachable exotic hardwood base. It detaches for cleaning with quick and easy steps, but when re-attached remains sturdy. This bubbler is an heirloom edition and its exotic hardwood base makes it a very nice desk model. You have a choice of Verawood and Wild Olive woods and both are considered sustainable exotics. The Deluxe Glass bubblers are a must have for the ultimate dab and concentrate connoisseur.

1. Defstar Glass – NASA Vapor Bubblers – Etched Label – $675

The Defstar NASA Vapor Glass Bubblers with an etched label top the high end vapor glass bubbler list. This bubbler is constructed of lab grade borosilicate glass with no carburetor hole. The mouthpiece is glass on glass and is completely removable. The bubbler also sports a class etched label and the concentrate nail does not come with the system. It is thirteen inches tall, stands on sandblasted ball feet and is balanced on a tripod. It also has a curved stem. This glass bubbler is considered the Cadillac of glass bubblers with several clear or colored percolators.