Top 10 Weed Grinders Available Online

It’s time to stop picking your weed apart with your finger nails and start using one of the following weed grinders. Those little BB-sized chunklets are the cause of flash burn streaks in the joint. The holes formed by them kill suction and ultimately wastes weed. That age old solution is only appropriate in emergencies, i.e. while bivouacking in the Yucatan. Here in real life, we use technology to negotiate these things. One such technical innovation are weed grinders, which is a cylindrical device of attachable sections, fitted with “teeth” on the inside; they allow you to grind your weed into something you can work with. They provide you with something that’s easier to roll and easier to smoke. Typically they’re made from either metal or plastic and are available in a wide array of colors. Here are 10 grinders that will change your life forever. They also make great Christmas gifts.

10. Sleek Black Aluminum Weed Grinders by Myster – 2 inches – $ 29.99

These are classic styles of weed grinders with a beautiful black, glossy, anodized finish that can’t be scratched. The flared, aircraft-grade aluminum teeth that are found within this marijuana grinder helps produce a smooth, fulfilling smoke. Its storage area will store a day’s worth of ground weed and its screen’s large holes will allow you to quickly gather what you need. There’s also a scrapper built into these weed grinders. Everything within these weed grinders is built to be durable.

9. Four Part Wood Grinders for Herbs – 4 Inches – $ 14.99

Here is a 2” wide, 4-part wooden weed grinder that allows you to easily do your grinding on the go. The sharp, metal teeth within these weed grinders will give you as fine of a grind as you desire. These weed grinders will allow you to personalize how much or how little you want to have your weed shredded.

8. Two Part Acrylic Weed Grinders – Assorted Colors – 3 Inches – $ 4.99

Made from durable acrylic, in a wide array of colors, these 3” weed grinders are very efficient and will provide you with a shred that will burn evenly. Thanks to its width coupled with its sharp teeth, this marijuana grinder makes grinding a quick process. In fact, with this weed grinder you’ll be able to prepare an entire day’s supply in just one short sitting. The size of these weed grinders makes it easy for you to grip and comfortable for you to handle, which is particularly great for anyone who may suffer from either wrist or joint pain.

7. Wood Grinders for Herbs – 2 Part – 2 inches – $ 9.99

Wooden weed grinders are a basic staple for anyone who keeps a well-stocked collection of smoking accessories. If you have a high quality of smoking material, then you’re going to need to also have a good grinder, such as these weed grinders with their sharp teeth. You’ll find that these weed grinders will shred your weed perfectly without leaving sticky resin all over your fingers. Of course, the more you grind, the finer your weed will get and the finer your smoke will be.

6. Metal Weed Grinders w/ Clear Top – Silver – 4 Part – 2.5 Inches – $ 29.99

Whenever you need to shred your weed you’ll want to do so with as little waste as possible. Of course, you also don’t want something that’s tightly wadded. Instead, you want weed grinders that will provide you with a fine shred, which is precisely what this one will do for you. While some people have used a pair of scissors instead of a marijuana grinder to do this job, the final result isn’t nearly as good as what you’d get from these weed grinders. With these weed grinders you also won’t have to worry about having resin all over your hands whenever you’re done.

5. Black Leaf Vibrating Weed Grinders – 2 inches – 49.08

These weed grinders from “Black Leaf” have a built in vibration system that starts whenever you push the small button that’s located on the outside base of these weed grinder. This allows for more of your weed to make its way into the base so that you have more available to smoke. The grinder on these weed grinders is made out of high quality CNC aluminum (aluminum that’s precisely cut with a digitalized machine) and has sharp teeth that are shaped like diamonds.

4. Black Leaf – Anodized Aluminum Weed Grinders – 4 Part – 1.5 inches – $21.86

These weed grinders are also made out of CNC aluminum but it is more decorative. The teeth inside of this marijuana grinder are diamond-shaped so that they will gnash right through your weed. There’s also a pollen screen, a kief (a place where your weed’s resin glands will be filtered out and collected so that it can be used again), a magnetic lit that gives your weed grinders a secure fit, and a nylon friction ring that ensures that you’ll get a smooth grind and that your weed grinders won’t wear out any time soon.

3. Black Leaf – Stage Aluminum Weed Grinders – 4-part – 2 inches – Grey -$35.00

These are stacked, 4-part aluminum weed grinders that come with sharp, diamond-shaped teeth, a pollen screen and a kief. Included with the kief in these weed grinders is a plastic scraper that allows you to easily gather up and reuse the pollen dust. The lid on these weed grinders has the Black Leaf logo on the left and it is magnetic so that you know it fits securely and there’s also a nylon friction ring that helps ensure that you’ll get a smooth grining.

2. Santa Cruz Shredder – Mini Aluminum Weed Grinders – 2-part – Choice of 4 colors – $22.00

This 2-part weed grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder is made out of medical-grade anodized aluminum. Each part of these weed grinders are closely inspected to ensure you get nothing short of the very best. As such, there’s a revolutionary teeth design and threading pattern along with a rare earth magnet that is included within the lid’s closure system. The textured grip on this marijuana grinder makes it easy for people with wrist or hand pain to use. You can get these weed grinders in your choice of black, green, red or silver.

1. Ripple Textured Aluminum Weed Grinders – 4-part – Silver – 2.5 inches – $38.28

Another of the CNC machined weed grinders, these 4-part weed grinders have a ripple texture with sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that will gnash through your weed. There’s also a pollen screen and a kief. The lid on these weed grinders are magnetic so as to provide a really secure fit and there’s also a nylon friction ring that allows for smooth grinding without wearing your grinder out.