Top 7 Grav Labs Products Available Online

Grav labs is an American company based in Austin, Texas which specializes in glass pipes, bongs, handheld bubblers and weed accessories. The products that Grav labs manufactures are among the best in the country (AKA: AWESOME). The glass used is a strong borosilicate, which means you can travel with your Grav Labs pipe with less fear of breakage. (When a pipe is bought from Grav labs no bags or cases are included because that is how confident the company is in their product.) Here are some of the best selling items that Grav labs has to offer. I think you will love the design and appreciate the prices.


7. Classic Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – Large – 7 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 79.99

Grav labs created this beautiful helix pipe, which is sure to make your smoking experience a lot more enjoyable. This weed pipe is designed with a vortex swirl that helps cool the hot smoke which provides a nice and smooth hit every time. Grav lab’s craftsmanship of this helix pipe is superb and measures only 7 inches. A pipe this small is great for concealment, and the worries of the product breaking or chipping can be eased knowing that this pipe is made from borosilicate glass which is highly durable and capable to withstand everyday use.


6. Classic Helix Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs – Small – 9 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 89.99

This helix pipe is popular among the people that prefer the larger steamrollers. However, this bowl pipe is just as powerful as its larger counterpart, except it provides easy concealment for traveling. Grav labs has made this helix pipe out of borosilicate glass which is strong and durable and this product is made here right in the United States. Grav labs has crafted this pipe to be 9 inches long and comes in a assortment of colors.


5. Glass Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs – Mini – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 34.99

This steamroller weed pipe measures at only 4 inches with the capability to be extremely discreet. Grav labs’s craftsmanship is phenomenal on the pipe as it helps even the heaviest of weed smokers to save and conserve their product. Among weed bowls, this weed pipe has a relatively small weed bowl but the hit is powerful. The burn is slow and there is less harshness on the throat after hitting the pipe. Grav labs made this product in the USA and provides this model in assorted colors.


4. Glass Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 34.99


Grav labs presents the 4 inch Sherlock Holmes bowl pipe. This pink sherlock holmes pipe is stylish and discreet. Grav labs never cuts corners in production which means the pipe is made from the best borosilicate glass which helps to reduce any worries of breakage. This pink weed pipe does not need any special cases because the pink glass used is durable enough to withstand everyday travel and use without breaking. The pipe comes in a variety of colors and is best for a heavy everyday smoker.


3. Glass Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs – Large – 7 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 49.99

This steamroller pipe by Grav labs is said to be one of the best available. Steamrollers are one of the cleanest weed pipes available and one of the most efficient hand pipes on the market. The pipe is made from scientific glass which is thick and strong. This pipe comes with the Grav labs logo which is available in an assortment of colors adding style and adding personality to the pipe and one of the easier to use weed bowls. The pipe is 7 inches long and the two stained feet provide for steady footing on any surface.


2. Classic Glass Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 39.99

This Grav labs spoon pipe is popular and discreet measuring in at 4 inches. This bowl pipe is made from borosilicate glass which is great for travel. This pipe can be placed into any pocket or bag without a case with no worries of breakage. Many spoon pipes imitate this Grav labs product, but this is the real deal. There are several assorted colors to choose from when choosing this item, but no matter which color is chosen the pipe will do the job.


1. Helix Chillum Taster Pipe with Carb and Roll Stop – 3 Inches – Assorted Colors – $39.99

This helix pipe made by Grav labs measures at only 3.25 inches. The size of this pipe should not be mistaken for the power behind it. This taster pipe provides micro holes which allow for more air and a cooler, smoother hit. This pipe comes with a carb hole and a roll stopper for added stability. This is one of the best products Grav labs has on the market and will help in achieving that state of euphoria.

When looking to purchase a new piece for smoking pleasure, Grav labs is the place to look. Not only are the products made in the USA but they are extremely durable and reliable. A purchase from Grab labs will keep the consumers happy and will not leave them disappointed. The prices are reasonable and the products are great providing an excellent experience.