Best Glass Water Pipe Product Reviews

A glass water pipe is a device used for smoking tobacco or herbs. The smoke inhaled from the material burned with a glass water pipe has less harmful elements that if the same material is smoked using more traditional means, or a dry pipe. The water in glass water pipes help filter out the worst of the harshness, and leaves in its wake a smoother smoke that can be inhaled with more ease and comfort. This characteristic makes glass water pipes a good option for a novice smoker, or someone who partakes in this particular activity only occasionally. A water pipe is also fun for a communal smoke, or bonding experience with friends.

11. Blaze Glass Water Pipe Tower Tube (Black) $399.00

The Tower Tube is a glass water pipe that stands tall at 23 1/2 inches high, and is perfectly straight. It is designed with crystal clear glass encasing black glass in the center of the pipe. These glass water pipes have an 8-arm percolator that increases airflow and produces extra-large bubbles. A splashguard is installed in the design of the Tower Tube glass water pipe to prevent spillage of dirty water into the mouthpiece of the structure. This Blaze Glass water pipe is also equipped with ice notches to cool the smoke and create a cold, smooth smoking experience for the user.

10. Blaze Glass Water Pipe Tower Tube $299.00

This Blaze Glass water pipe is made from sturdy, thick borosilicate glass. A simple design on the outside, glass water pipes have a complex system of tubes making up its inner workings. The 8-arm percolator, slitted diffuser downstem, and large joint capacity makes for an extra smooth, highly charged smoking experience. These glass water pipes have extra space in the ice notches to cool down smoke even further than in a more classic glass water pipe design. Special attention has been paid to make what would otherwise be a cylinder of glass into an elegant, well-crafted tool.

9. SYN Glass Water Pipe Triple Tall Boy (Blue Label) $450.00

The Triple Tall Boy is an American made tower glass water pipe built with a stacked design of three showerhead percolator domes. The domes in these glass water pipes help diffuse the material percolating with the smallest amount of water required. An unusual design, unlike most glass water pipes, the Triple Tall Boy does not have a downstem, making cleaning the device much easier. The Triple Tall Boy is built upon a sturdy base with clear borosilicate glass. The clear glass water pipe is interrupted by a pop of vivid blue used to make the SYN label stand at attention. The Triple Tall Boy is also equipped with ice notches for cooling the water.

8. SYN Glass Water Pipe Triple Tall Boy (Black & Chrome Label) $450.00

The SYN Glass Triple Tall Boy glass water pipe is handcrafted in North Carolina with borosilicate glass. The tall, straight design is characterized by three showerhead percolator domes stacked one on top of the other in the tube of the glass water pipe. This type of design lends itself to a powerful and potent smoke with a smoothness only found when using glass water pipes. The Triple Tall Boy has three ice notches for cooling, and no downstem to need cleaning. The SYN label on the glass is black and chrome in color, adding a touch of color to the otherwise uniform clarity of these glass water pipes.

7. Clear Glass Water Pipe Shower Head Percolator Bong $174.99

These clear glass water pipes are simply designed to highlight the quality of the glass. Made in America, this showerhead percolator glass water pipe is 12 inches tall with a straight body and sturdy base. These glass water pipes are not fussy and very easy to use or clean. The Clear Glass Shower Head Percolator Bong comes equipped with an ice catcher for cooling purposes. These glass water pipes are affordable and perfect for a novice glass water pipe user.

6. Clear Glass Water Pipe with Ice Catcher (with Pink Accents) $124.99

A glass water pipe with a simplistic design, this bong is crystal clear with the lightest of pink tinges on the rim of the base creating a soft, pink hued glow. These glass water pipes are 18 inches tall with a solid base and a thick glass body. This glass water pipe is equipped with an ice catcher for chilling and mellowing out the smoke. Unlike other glass water pipes, the Clear Glass Water Bong is sturdier than is expected for the price, and comes with a pink accent for a colorful touch.

5. Fancy Glass Water Pipe with Assorted Colors $59.99

The Fancy Water Bong has a more classic bong shape than more modern glass water pipes. The base is spherical and well constructed to give the pipe a more durability. This glass water pipe is a colorful flow of blues and greens that give the bong an aquatic appearance. The colors add personality to an already unique shape and design. The 10 inch tall, glass water pipe is constructed with carefully hand blown glass and intricate coloring. The Fancy Water Bong is a glass water pipe that can double as an artistic decoration when not in use.

4. Tall Glass Water Pipe Zong Bong $174.99

The Tall Glass Zong Bong is a glass water pipe with a truly unusual design. Standing at 20 inches tall, the Zong Bong has four razorback glass hooks for the spine. The hooks in the glass water pipe add unique aesthetic appeal along with the dark green base stand, the rim, and mouthpiece. Solid construction and the length of these glass water pipes make them easy to grasp and hold onto without fear of shattering the bongs due to their interesting design. These glass water pipes are also available in an amber color scheme. Either choice of color will make a statement.

3. Clear Glass Water Pipe with Beaker Base & Ice Catcher $124.99

This 12 inch glass water pipe is American made with a beaker shaped base and a clean line, streamlined design to give the bong an unadorned and flawless appearance. The beaker base of these glass water pipes are one of the most popular water bong designs available due to its traditional functionality that renders the bong more reliable and produces a consistent, smooth smoke with each use. Like many glass water pipes, the Clear Glass Water Bong is equipped with an ice catcher for cooling. The simple design also makes this glass water pipe a cinch to clean.

2. Zig Zag Glass Water Pipe Bong with Elbow in Assorted Colors $69.99

This uniquely shaped glass water pipe is created from hand blown glass. The 10-inch tall bong is literally zigzagged in the middle of the body with a spherical base below the zigzag. On the practical side, these glass water pipes are equipped with an ice catcher to provide a chilled drag, and the bong itself is constructed in a sturdy, lasting design despite the delicacy of colorful patterns etched in the glass. This glass water pipe has a base with a woven color design, and bright coloring below the rim of the mouthpiece for an extra splash of color, making this hand blown glass water pipe a curious mix of eclectic melding of funky and functional.

1. Elevate Accessories Deluxe Bubbler Glass Water Pipe with Dry Herb and Wax Attachments $249.99

This handcrafted glass water pipe is constructed in Colorado in one of three specialty color bases: Amboyna Burl, Verawood, or Wild Olive. A unique design for glass water pipes, these bongs have a body of straight, clear glass with a diagonal offshoot for the mouthpiece. The base is a square wooden design creating a sturdier stand. The configuration of this glass water pipe is so unusual that it is considered a collectible item, but with the assorted attachments available, it is also highly functional as just a glass water pipe.