The Ultimate Steamroller Pipe Collection of 2017

Steamroller Pipe is a quality brand of pipes made to a high standard that makes Steamroller Pipe one of the most purchased and used pipes in the world. These smoking pipes are all handmade so the creators stress that each one is unique and special and made for the pleasure of the smokers.

Grav Labs is rated as the top leader in making these high quality steamroller pipes. These pipes are manufactured in Austin, Texas. The words Grav Labs quality are three words smokers associate with a top rated item. So, if you want the best of the best in pipes, you’ll want to purchase one of the below top rated Steamroller pipes.

9. Classic Helix Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs, Small, nine inches. Price of item: $ 89.99

The Class Helix Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs steamroller is a Steamroller Pipe all pipe lovers need to buy. It is manufactured by Grav Labs steamroller. It is made of borosilicate glass, and you can fit it into your pocket, or suitcase and it is strong enough not to need a case. This steamroller pip features include a 10 millimeter glass on a glass joint, Grav Labs craftsmanship and quality made, and it has a pinch bowl and a K clip for the user’s convenience.

8. Glass Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs, Large, seven inches. Price of item: $ 44.99

These seven inch Steamroller Pipes by Grav Labs are created from very thick, scientific type of glass so these Steamroller pipes can give users the cleanest possible smoking experience. Grav Labs is famous for making these Steamroller Pipes to be the most effective hand pipes in the world featuring a proven and functional design that is stylish and discreet. It is handmade in Texas and considered to be very unique.

7. Steamroller Pipe with extra-large green logo w/orange outline. Price of item: $26.92

This great Steamroller Pipe is made in Germany and requires no special attachments to work. Made by Grav Labs, it is 250 millimeters long and 4 millimeters in diameter. This model is premium made with borosilicate glass, is portable, and a best rated hand Steamroller Pipe product. It is the largest Steamroller Pipe made by Grav Labs and that makes it useful for heavy smokers who want a lasting experience.

6. Steamroller Pipe – Fumed w/ Fancy Color Wrap – Choice of 3 colors – 20cm or 25 cm. Price of item: $49.50

This Steamroller Pipe is a fumed color changing design of a steamroller pipe made by Grav Labs in the US. It is made of high class borosilicate glass and one of the best Grav Labs Steamroller Pipe pipes available. As with all of their pipes, this model is handmade in Texas and shipped out from the USA.

5. STORM – Push-Button Aircraft Aluminum Steamroller Pipe. Price of item: $77.00

This is one of the best quality rated Steamroller pipe made of titanium anodized aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel! The flat bottom makes it impossible to roll off tables and this Steamroller Pipe, made by Grav Labs, has push button cyclonic action too. Try this Grav Labs steamroller pipe with a length of 25.4 centimeters and a diameter of 45 millimeters, which as with all of their pipe smoking products, it is handmade in Austin, Texas.

4. Grav Labs – Steamroller Glass Pipes – 45mm – 10 Inch. Price of item: $75.00

Grav Labs produces this fine example of a Steamroller Pipe, made in the USA and shipped from the USA. The Steamroller Pipe is made of borosilicate glass, has a carb hole on the left side and is 25.4 centimeters long and 45 millimeters wide. This kind of Grav Labs steamroller pipe is one of their longest and comes with a 14.5 millimeter funnel bowel. Color choices for this quality pipe include black, red, blue, green or even etched. As with all models it is handmade in Austin, Texas.

3. Steamroller Pipe – Clear with Fume and Color Design – Come in Red. Price of item: $77.00

This Grav Labs Steamroller pipe has a unique color changing glass feature which makes it very interesting and unique and special. It is made in the US in Austin, Texas and ships from the US. This steamroller pipe product is made of borosilicate glass and has a carb hole at the front end to help regulate air flow. Grav Labs makes quality pipes and Steamroller Pipe products are the best in the world. It is 17.8 centimeters in length and is handmade with fumed glass. The inside is resin, so can change over the lifetime usage of the pipe. Plus, since it is handmade, every pipe is unique.

2. Grav Labs – Steamroller Glass Pipe – 38mm – 12 Inch. Price of item: $75.00

This is a quality rated Steamroller Pipe made by Grav Labs right in the USA in Austin, Texas and shipped from the USA. The glass in this product is high grade, borosilicate scientific glass and comes with a 14.5 millimeter funnel bowl. These Steamroller pipes by Grav Labs have a carb hole on the left-hand side of the pipes. It is 30.5 centimeters in length and has a diameter of 38 millimeters. The joint size is 14.5 millimeters. The Steamroller pipe is made so that you can safely put it down somewhere and it won’t roll away, and it comes with a Grav Labs decal in color choices of black, red, green or blue or even etched if desired.

1. Glass Steamroller Pipes by Grav Labs – Extra Large – 18 Inches. Price range of item: $ 179.99 to $ 124.99

This particular model of smoking pipe is considered to be one of the Grav Labs Steamroller Pipe signature products. It was not available for a while, but know it is back due to the high demand for it from smokers. This Steamroller pipe model is considered best for heavy duty smoking pleasure and has a carb hole on the end for airflow control. The Grav labs people constructed these Steamroller pipes from scientific grade borosilicate glass and the pipe comes with an 18.8 millimeter funnel bowl. It has a color portrayal of the Grav Labs decal so everyone knows you have bought a quality product from a well-known company.

These Grav Labs Steamroller Pipes are meant for the users’ smoking pleasure and are handmade for high quality and are all rated for the user’s pleasure in various sizes and lengths and colors. Smokers who are looking for high rated smoking glass pipes will find many different varieties of these pipes from this high rated pipe making company.