The Ultimate Helix Bong Review of 2017

The elegant interface of scientific glass makes Helix Bongs perfect for smooth, thoughtful tokes. The tornado-like smoke swirls allows the user to retain the purity of the herbal essence. Another benefit of the Helix Bong is that they’re perfectly suited for accessory items, such as pipes or handheld bubblers. The quality design combined with advanced technology makes Helix Bongs well worth the investment.

14. Grav Labs – Helix Nano Flare Straight 10” Scientific Glass Bong Price: $76.30

This flare straight Helix Bong for Sale has a patented funnel shape, which makes it easy for anyone to use, even beginners will appreciate the “x-cut’ downstem. These Helix Bongs are available in select Grav Labs decal colors. For the price, this is a very practical item which includes an extra wide base for stability. This Helix Bong has a 10mm one-hitter bowl. The 10” is a very basic bong, with not a lot of detail. It’s a straightforward item, for standardized and efficient smoke.

13. Four Twenty – Glass Ice Helix Bong with Tornado Perc & Slitted Diffuser Price: $104.99

When Helix Bongs for sale are in this category, expect excellent smoking handling capabilities. This Helix Bong has both honeycomb and tornado percolators and it comes with the trademark large Blue Four Twenty logo on the front of the tube. Helix Bongs add value when they have ice notches and a splashguard like this one does. This is a Helix Bong also made from laboratory quality, Borosilicate glass, with a joint size of 18.8mm. The mouthpiece has a diameter of 50mm and the body has a diameter of 75mm.

12. Four Twenty– Glass Ice Helix Bong with Double Green HoneyComb Disc & Green Tornado Disc Price: $80.50

This Helix Bong for sale has an 18.8mm green glass slide bowl with clear glass handle. The green Four Twenty logo is located at the top of the tube. The green colors are woven throughout this Helix Bong, including the two diffuser discs. Also the tornado disc is the same color. Helix Bongs in this category are affordable yet deliver a clean toke each and every time. It a Helix Bong for sale, which features a functional, natural design. It a design for use with both ice and water.

11. Four Twenty – Glass Helix Bong with Dual HoneyComb Perc & Blue Tornado Disc Price: $104.30

The first time buyers see this Helix Bong for sale, it will become obvious that the design delivers a diffuse smoke. Not only does this Helix Bong have a built-in dual HoneyComb percolator, it also features a tornado disc. The dual percolator breaks smoke down twice before it moves the diffused smoke bubble into the blue Tornado disc. Once inside the tornado vortex, the disc then spins the bubble providing a cool-down for the rising smoke, which then delivers a silky, cool toke. This Helix Bong for sale has an eye-catching blue color design featured prominently. Helix Bongs like this one aren’t just functional, they’re also very nice for watching the smoke and the blue color adds to the appeal. The mouthpiece and base are blue as well.

10. Four Twenty – Helix Glass Bong with Dual HoneyComb Perc & Blue Tornado Disc Price: $104.30

This Helix Bong for sale offers the very best in diffusion. Thanks in large part to the Blue Tornado disc and two Honeycomb percolators. The built-in dual HoneyComb percolator is a simple, inexpensive design that really lets the user get the most out of each toke. This Helix Bong is an excellent item for collectors. It’s a sound product for not a lot of money. It produces a smooth hit and performs remarkably well for the price. Four Twenty Helix Bongs make cleanup incredibly easy, and the glass slide bowl is designed for smooth lifting.

9. Helix Nano Beaker Base Bong by Grav Labs – Mini – 10 Inches Price: $149.99

The mission of this mini Helix Bong for sale is simple, to add pleasure at an affordable price. This Helix Bong enhances the smoking experience for herbal users in any category. The wide range of colors makes it an attractive addition for collectors; it comes in Aqua, Black or White. Despite the Nano design and its 10 Inches, this Helix Bong is surprisingly dependable, made of durable scientific glass, with a 10mm glass-on-glass joint.

8. Helix Nano Flare Base Bong by Grav Labs – Mini – 10 Inches Price: $149.99

This is a new Helix Bong for Sale, it has the same quality craftsmanship, but it’s the 38mm flared base that makes this one extra special. The base provides a good distribution of smoke for a directional intake; this along with the matching x-cut downstem and bowl lets the users really get the most out of the design. It’s perfect for any collector who takes pride in owning high quality Helix Bongs.

7. Helix Nano Straight Base Bong by Grav Labs – Mini – 10 Inches Price: $149.99

This Helix Bong for Sale has a straight base, which adds an elegant touch without overdoing it, which is quite reasonable, since it is moderately priced. For this Helix Bong, Grav Labs also offers three colors, Aqua, Black and White. This is another item which tends to sell out quickly; many users prefer its simple functionality. It delivers pure, unfiltered smoke, the way it should be. This Helix Bong fits comfortably in the hand.

6. Helix Beaker Base Bong by Grav Labs – Scientific Glass – 14 Inches Price: $239.99

When it comes to a top of the line, Helix Bong for sale, this Beaker Base Bong is truly in a league that makes it stand out from the rest. Cascading smoke is generally the mark of a high quality Helix Bong. It’s a standard to watch for, the natural and powerful proliferation of the swirls, it’s that diffuse smoke that makes a great toke. Helix Bongs like this are made a cut above the rest; it’s the sign of quality. The quality Helix Bong beaker base adds pleasure to the smoking experience for both recreational and medicinal marijuana users. This Helix Bong for sale features a directional intake stem, a glass-on-glass 14mm joint, and matching bowl and X-Cut downstem.

5. Grav Labs – Helix Tube – Round Base 7mm Scientific Glass Tube Price: $262.50

This American made Helix Bong for Sale is two-sided with both an ice catcher and a splash guard. The downstem has a glass-on-glass diffuser and an 18.8mm > 14.5mm adapter. These attractive Helix Bongs are made from quality scientific glass. When it comes to quality glass for Helix Bongs, this high grade provides silky smooth smoke, for well ballooned, evenly inhaled THC. The funnel shaped Venturi Chamber makes it easier to inhale. This Helix Bong includes a small helix, pre-cooled mix chamber.

4. Grav Labs – Helix Tube – Flare Base 7mm Scientific Glass Tube Price: $262.50

This is just one amazing Helix Bong for sale that is in a class all by itself, because of the quality craftsmanship. Expect to be fascinated by the fast moving smoke swirls as they pass through the chamber tube. Of course, this is considered a high end Helix Bong for the seriously committed users. Users who can appreciate little details like the 7mm base flare, which provides stability on any flat surface. Made in the USA from scientific glass and the diameter of this Helix Bong is 50mm, 2 inches.

3. Helix Straight Base Bong by Grav Labs – White, Black, Aqua – 18 inches Price: $299.99

As a 18 Inch straight base Helix Bong for Sale, this design allows it to sit comfortably on the base. With its sturdy construction this Helix Bong can hold a large quantity of herbal product. It performs remarkably well and features eye-catching color tints on the mouthpiece and base. There’s no “carb hole” on this Helix Bong. It is a heavier grade as far as Helix Bongs go, and it has a 14mm One Hitter Bowl and Combined Ice-Catcher/Splash Guard.

2. Helix Flare Base Bong by Grav Labs – 18 inches Price: $299.99

This Helix Bong for Sale features a flare base with 18mm percolators. It’s one of the most popular items, so popular in fact that it’s often out-of-stock. Don’t assume that it will always be available. It’s just one amazing Helix Bong by Grav Labs. As far as Helix Bongs go, this one is pretty much top of line, it’s another high end bong for the serious smoker. Craftsmanship includes 18mm of quality, laboratory grade glass. Cascading smoke is cooled and this creates a diffuse, well-bodied toke, one that is fun to watch in chamber tube.

1. Grav Labs – Helix Tube – Beaker Base 7mm Scientific Glass Tube Price: $306.25

As a Helix Bong for sale, this is one of the best in terms of quality, design and craftsmanship. This is crafted out of the strongest glass available on the market today, borosilicate glass. This is laboratory grade finest here, which resist thermal breakdown. As far as Helix Bongs go, this has the highest melting point. Yes, this Helix Bong is made from the very best mixture of silica and boron trioxide. This Helix Bong resists high temperature heat repeatedly, because it is made from superior high strength, laboratory research grade glass. The beaker base is extra thick and the overall thickness of the glass is 7mm. When a Helix Bong for sale is of this caliber, it is purposefully designed to handle twice as much smoke. The diffuser chamber provides an additional level of comfort, designed to be easier on the lungs and throat. As with all products from Grav Labs this is an American made Helix Bong and it has an 18.8mm > 14.5mm diffuser downstem and a 14.5mm one-hitter bowl. This item does not include an acrylic clamp.