Best Helix Pipe and Helix Bong Reviews

When it comes to finding the best Helix pipe and Helix bong, look no further than Grav Labs Helix. Grav Labs’ Helix Pipe and Helix Bong selection is the best quality available online because the design of every Helix Bong and Helix Pipe is based on careful consideration of the end user’s requirement. Grav Labs’ Helix pipe and Helix bong are also available in a variety of colors and types. This is why most people choose them for their top quality Helix pipe and Helix bong varieties, especially when they see Helix Pipe for sale or Helix Bong for sale. The following are the top 15 options to buy online.

15. Glass Bubbler Attachment for 3-in-1 Multi Helix Pipe by Grav Labs – Regular & Large – $ 49.99

This is a bubblehead attachment for Helix pipes made by Grav Labs Helix. Because it becomes a bit pointless to use a Helix pipe when the attachment is damaged or lost, the company has come up with this attachment for Helix pipes. It is meant to be used for multi 3 in 1 Helix pipe and comes in a random and standard decal color that looks sophisticated. The attachment’s sizes are available for both regular and large joints of a Helix pipe and it would fit with all multi 3 in 1 Helix pipes for sale bought by the user.

14. Helix Pipe Chillum Taster Pipe with Carb and Roll Stop – 3 Inches – $ 39.99

In Helix pipes, taster pipes have a place of their own and this one by Grav Labs Helix packs quite a powerful punch in just 3.25 inches. Taster helix pipes from other brands often lack power in puffs but this helix pipe is different. It has micro holes built in which allow the hit to be cool and smooth. Plus, this helix pipe is also travel friendly. Another great feature in this tiny taster helix pipe is the rollstopper that greatly improves stability. The addition of Helix airflow technology in this pipe makes it a hit when users see Helix pipes for sale.

13. Glass Spoonhead Attachment for Helix 3-in-1 Multi Helix Pipe by Grav Labs – Regular & Large – $ 24.99

This spoonhead attachment is meant to be used for Multi Helix pipes. A lot of people lose the attachment for their Helix pipe and instead of choosing sub standard brands, they can simply turn towards Grav Labs Helix. This Helix pipes attachment is made from top quality glass and comes with the same craftsmanship guarantee associated with any other Helix pipe of the same company. The Helix pipe attachment is available in two sizes – Large and regular. The joint size of the large attachment is 14mm and that of the regular attachment is 10mm. It would fit in any 3 in 1 multi Helix pipe for sale.

12. Classic Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – Mini – 5 Inches – $ 79.99

This is a classic mini Helix pipe that is mere 5 inches in size and yet, it is a lot more functional that most other Helix pipes. This mini Helix pipe, unlike other Helix pipes by substandard brands, is made by Grav Labs Helix and thus, it has hidden features that make it a big hit. The best thing about this Helix pipe is the presence of efficient microholes – which make this little thing behave like a giant among pipes – and its venturi shape. The borosilicate glass makes it sturdy and safe, and this spoon helix pipe is also available in a variety of colors. It allows the user to experience dry pipe smoking in an effortless way and this pipe is often bagged first when Helix pipes for sale are available.

11. Classic Helix Pipe Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs – Small – 9 Inches – $ 89.99

This small steamroller classic Helix pipe is 9 inches in size and is constructed in an attractive design. Available in assorted shapes, this helix pipe is for those users who like their Helix pipes to be traditional but with a touch of modern. This borosilicate helix pipe is slightly different from other similar Helix pipes, not just because it’s made by Grav labs helix, but because its size is perfect for travel. It might not be one of the Helix pipes on sale currently but the sheer fact that it comes with a K-clip and pinch bowl already make it an attractive catch. A hempwick and wooden or metal grinder are add-ons to make this pipe even better.

10. Glass One Hitter Attachment for 3-in-1 Multi Helix Pipe & Helix Bongs by Grav Labs – Regular & Large – $ 14.99

The slider bowls of Helix pipes and Helix bongs often lose their one hitter and that is exactly why Grav Labs Helix has introduced this replacement attachment for 3 in 1 Helix bongs and Helix pipes. Having the same brand name attached to it as the original multi Helix pipe and Helix bong, the quality of this part is unmatched. It is made from borosilicate of the best quality and basically, if the Helix bong or Helix pipe has the right connection size, this attachment will fit in effortlessly. A lot of users of Helix bong and Helix pipe buy these in large or regular size when they get their Helix bongs for sale or Helix pipes for sale, just to keep a few extras around, in case the originals get lost.

9. Classic Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – Large – 7 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 89.99

This is another Helix pipe that comes with a venturi swirling chamber. Underneath its timid 7 inches size, it is hiding a host of features. Made by Grav Labs Helix, this helix pipe is unlike most helix pipes because of one simple fact – it is dependable. This is the best helix pipe out there and the spoon style of the pipe puts it in a different class from all other Helix pipes. Hemp wick and grinders are popular add-ons for this pipe when users check out Helix pipes on sale.

8. Helix Vaporizer Pen with Complete Kit by Grav Labs – Green or Red-$ 119.99

A lot of people keep Helix pens handy to use when their helix bongs and helix pipes are not around. Even when helix bongs and helix pipes are available, it is nice to have this Helix vaporizer for travel use. This vaporizer is not a substitute for other products by Grav labs helix but it has a charm of its own. For once, it is easier to carry this pen sized vaporizer around as compared to a helix bong or helix pipe. However, similar to helix bong and helix pipe by Grav labs, this vaporizer has 3 microholes for cool and smooth puffs. It is also similar to a helix bong and helix pipe in terms of ease of use. It is currently one of the helix pipes on sale and helix bongs on sale.

7. 3-in-1 Glass Multi Helix Pipe by Grav Labs – Bubbler, Spoon, and One-Hitter – $ 129.99

This is the famous multi 3 in 1 helix pipe that is a must have for all connoisseurs of helix pipes. This helix pipe has all the three major attachments that guarantee a great evening – one hitter, spoon and bubbler. On top of that, this helix pipe is made by Grav Labs helix which is a sure shot mark of quality, efficiency and sturdiness. It is different from other 3 in 1 Helix pipes because it has a swirling venturi vortex chamber and a joint clamp made from acrylic. It is not one of the Helix pipes on sale but the price is nothing compared to the features of this collectible pipe.

6. Helix Pipe Nano Straight Base Bong by Grav Labs – Mini – 10 Inches – $ 149.99

This is a mini helix pipe, or helix bong, introduced by Grav labs helix and is 10 inches tall. The color accents available with this helix bong are white and black. When it comes to mini helix bongs, this one by Grav labs is right at the top. It comes with a straight base waterpipe of 38mm that looks elegant and stylish. The bowl and downsteam further add to the aesthetic appeal of this mini helix bong but what sets it apart is the sheer comfort the user would experience when it is held in the hand. The design and build of this mini bong, like all other helix bongs by the company, is splendid in its simplicity. It is a must have addition when a helix pipe or helix bong is available for sale online.

5. Helix Pipe Nano Beaker Base Bong by Grav Labs – Mini – 10 Inches – $ 149.99

This helix pipe, or helix bong, has a nano beaker base that makes it stand apart from other helix bongs. Of course, the fact that it comes from Grav Labs Helix puts away any questions about craftsmanship and sturdiness but this helix bong has amazing performance backing it up. Being a mini helix bong that is 10 inches in size, its 38mm base would make any evening enjoyable when smoking water helix bongs is on the menu. It is also currently one of the Helix bongs on sale.

4. Helix Pipe Nano Flare Base Bong by Grav Labs – Mini – 10 Inches – $ 149.99

This Helix pipe, or helix bong, is the best amongst all Helix bongs and Grav Labs Helix has stuck gold with this helix bong simply because of its nano flare base and ability to offer powerful puff in a mere 10 inches of size. Unlike other helix bongs, this conveniently shaped helix bong is perfect for both daily use and travel. The bowl, downstem and intake stem are all made from high quality material and the fact that this is one of the helix bongs on sale makes the deal all the more better.

3. Helix Pipe Beaker Base Bong by Grav Labs – Scientific Glass – 14 Inches – $ 249.99

This is one of the standard Helix pipes, or helix bongs, by Grav Labs Helix and is 14 inches in size. This Helix bong comes equipped with a beaker base that is 50mm and enough to make any fun event last longer without requiring constant refilling. Another great thing about this Helix bong is that it is made from scientific glass that lends it a fun and suave look. It is one of the Helix bongs on sale currently and is easily in the top 3 Helix bongs available online or elsewhere. The fact that this helix bong comes in various colors is just a bonus.

2. Helix Pipe Flare Base Bong by Grav Labs – Black, White, Amber – 18 inches – $ 299.99

This is a helix pipe flare base bong by Grav labs Helix. It is currently one of the helix bongs for sale and the reason to invest in this helix bong is simple – it has a splash and ice catcher guard. All helix bongs by the company come with the standard specs of being secure, stable and extremely efficient but this helix bong also has a one hitter bowl of 14mm size. A lot of people supplement such flare base helix bongs with ice catchers but this one only needs an ash catcher as an add-on.

1. Helix Pipe Straight Base Bong by Grav Labs – White, Black, Aqua – 18 inches – $ 299.99

This helix bong is another visual treat with its straight base and variety of color choices include white, aqua and black. Glass Helix bongs by Grav labs Helix are made using top quality borosilicate and this helix bong is no different in that aspect. However, it veers slightly from any regular helix bong because of its combo ice-guard and splash catcher. Plus, this 18 inches long helix bong also comes equipped with 14mm hitter bowl that is perfect for large get-togethers. There is no carb hole in this bong and it is one of the Helix bongs on sale currently. Add-ons like octabowl and ash catcher are usually bought with this bong.