Best Vaporizer Pipe Available Online for 2017

Most cannabis users eventually come around to getting a vaporizer. It’s just the best way to do it. The flavor is way better this way, without any hint of char. Most smokers I’ve known have eventually moved from a standard pipe to a water pipe (bubbler), and then to a vaporizer pipe. Most vaporizers have adjustable settings, so that you can control how much heat you want to expose the herb to. Typically you want to get it just hot enough to vaporize only the THC crystals in the weed, providing you with a cleaner high and less wear and tear on your throat. Folks use vaporizer pipes to burn a variety of herbal compounds, including eastern concoctions and tobacco-free nicotine. The primary advantage of long term vaping is that the users are at a reduced risk for developing respiratory issues. It eliminates the inhalation of harmful, toxic substances and carcinogenic agents. Vaporizer pipes are the safest way to enjoy marijuana or any other herb, and are ideal for patients using cannabis to mitigate the effects of illness and medical treatment.


12. Easy Vape Digital Desktop Vaporizer Pipe – Silver and Black – $ 119.99

The stylish Easy Vape Digital Desktop Vaporizer is a functional, efficient desktop vaporizer pipe produced by Easy Vape. It activates the vaporizing feature in seconds. Easy Vape is known for manufacturing quality vaporizers that last for years.  This Digital desktop Vaporizer has been added to the list of top vaporizers in 2015 for its unmatched efficiency and versatility while still maintaining a low price tag. This vaporizer pipe produces a generous amount of stimulating vapors that indulge smokers in a nerve-calming mood.  The device boosts a digital display that makes it easy to use so you can focus on vaping. The vaporizer pipe offers two desirable colors, including silver and black.


11. Helix Vaporizer Pipe Pen with Complete Kit by Grav Labs – Assorted Colors – $119.99

This is a modern pen vaporizer by Grav Labs. It offers a sleek, complete kit for fashionable smokers. The Helix design sports a stylish, versatile mouthpiece. It promises a smooth smoking experience. It offers two different housing designs, including red or green. This vaporizer pipe has a network of micro holes that gives the smoke a swirling effect when in use. It leaves a smoker’s mouth, feeling arctic fresh. As a battery-powered unit, it extends a renewable solution. It includes a mini dabber, USB charger and three concentrate coil systems. This extraordinary vaporizer pipe redefines the art of smoking.


10. Classic Hands-Free Box Vaporizer Pipe by Vapor Brothers – Assorted Colors – $ 199.99

Vapor Brothers couldn’t have fashioned a more eclectic, hands-free, vaporizer pipe. It is a revolutionary Vape system. Smokers embrace liberty and satisfaction simultaneously when using this technologically efficient version. Wastage is not part of the equation when vaporizing blends as it features a robust housing. It sports a well-engineered, authentic ceramic casing that allows steady heating. This vaporizer pipe extends a luxury that is second to none. It boosts two appealing, neutral color variations, including coffee and natural tone. Everything about this vaporizer pipe is a superior build in comparison to other designs. That is why it ranks among the top vaporizer pipes. It promises a lifetime of efficient performance as it features organic, durable materials. Another value-added benefit is that the users can choose the draw size. This is a sustainable way to conserve on vaporizing contents.


9. PUFFiT X Portable Asthma Inhaler Vaporizer Pipe by Discreet Vape – $ 129.99

This vaporizer pipe by Discreet Vape is a cutting-edge technology. No other brand equals it in the industry. Emulating an asthma inhaler, it is portable and feature-rich. As the first line to offer forced air-flow and convection heating vapor, this revolutionary Puffit X vaporizer pipe adds sophistication to the art. It assumes the stealth mode easily. This gives smokers the privacy they need to feel confident about their practice and reputation. It also boasts a modern, temperature control meter. The vaporizer pipe displays digital readings. It requires less than an hour to charge. It also has a battery-life indicator. The hot purple color is appealing and charismatic. The kit features a set of custom pieces, including Puffit Vape Enhancer, blending funnel, and cleaning tool. In addition, this vaporizer also comes with a durable shell casing, silicone heat shield, removable stirring tool, replacement screens, and mouthpieces.


8. Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer Concentrate & Dabs – $ 179.95

This vaporizer pipe by Dr. Dabber is stylish and used by the more serious vapers. It is an efficient, versatile vaporizer pipe. Each charge yields 50 to 60 uses. Within 30 seconds, the nail heats up and is ready to lead you to a cloud filled room. By the way, Dr. Dabber made this one so you dont have to use a torch.

7. Optimus 510 Vaporizer Pipe Pen by Atmos – Complete Kit – $ 39.99

Atmos has produced a high-end, portable vaporizer pipe. Optimus is a complete smoking solution. It uses two substances, including dry herbal blends and waxy oils. The vaporizer pen, also has a measuring scale. The Wickless, heating chamber, made of ceramic materials is compact and allows the user to hide the vaporizer unit away discreetly. As a battery-powered unit, the Atmos Optimus is rechargeable and reliable. The package includes specialized accessories. It includes a cone cover, wired USB charger, packaging tool, cleaning brush, and Lithium battery. Most vape users love the vaporizer pipe’s carrying case, cartridges and acrylic container. The vaporizer pipe is user-friendly and has a sleek design.


6. Ionix T101 Electronic Concentrate Vaporizer Pipe by Grav Labs – 11 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 149.99

The Ionix T101 Vaporizer Pipe is available for sale online.  This Vaporizer Pipe is one of Grav Labs most efficient and power vaporizer pipes available.  Grav Labs’ Ionix T101 features the vape pen portability and the potent hit of a desktop vaporizer. The Ionix T101 uses a torchless dabbing device. Within seconds, this vaporizer pipe can deliver a triple hit of concentrates, utilizing the three atomizers of the vaporizer pipe. Click the image to pick the Ionix T101 that you want.


5. AtmosRx Vaporizer Pipe Pen by Atmos – Assorted Colors – $ 99.99

The tasteful design of the AtmosRX vaporizer pipe offer casual smokers the convenience and confidentiality they need. It ignites substances, be it dried herbs or concentrated oils, in seconds. This timeless model boasts a Wickless heating chamber. It is made of durable, ceramic. The vaporizer pipe offers three desirable color variations, including silver/gray, black or blue. As an advanced, contemporary technology, the vaporizer pipe promises lasting satisfaction. It is low-maintenance and functional. The kit has an attractive set of accessories, including a cordless USB charger, rubber mouthpiece, and mesh filter. Seasoned Vape users appreciate the glass screen, Lithium-ion battery, and wall adapter.


4. Volcano Classic Forced Air Vaporizer Pipe With Easy Valve or Solid Valve Start Set (110V) – $499.99

This Volcano-branded vaporizer pipe is a patented forced-air technology. The device boasts a durable stainless steel casing. It is safe and pumps clean air to activate the atomizer. Its classic, resilient, exterior and powerful mechanism, offers everything to appreciate. The vaporizer pipe utilizes either of two starter kits. The starter kits include the Easy-Valve or Solid-Value technology. The pen features a reliable, rotary, temperature dial. Its patented, adjustable heat exchanger makes it easy to change the temperature level based on the substance activated. It also has illuminated, toggle buttons. The technology is compatible with a variety of accessories included in both starter kits.


3. Omicron v2.5 Vaporizer Pipe – Portable Concentrate Pen Vape – Matte Silver – $ 139.99

Added to the list of top vaporizers, the portable Omicron technology is a favorite variety. It boasts a stainless steel exterior. The devices utilize durable, replaceable Lithium-class Ion batteries. The rugged casing is resilient and fashionable. It delivers a constant flow of heat to the vaporizer pipe. The cartridge holds about 1 gram of concentrated substances and delivers reliable, lasting energy in each charge. This vaporizer pipe features a range of accessories, including an aluminum mouthpiece, battery charger, etc.


2. Volcano Plenty Portable Vaporizer Pipe – $299.00

This is a robust, vaporizer pipe by Volcano, and largely considered one of the top vaporizers available. It delivers a timeless heating source. The portable design, extends the convenience and privacy that smokers need. It features a resilient, stainless-steel cooling coil. The device utilizes an automated shut-off feature to control the unit. The analog thermometer displays accurate temperature. Smokers can easily change the settings as they see fit. These hand-held, double-helix vaporizer pipes deliver efficient evaporation as they heats the air. The bi-metallic regulator allows the user to adjust the temperature to a mode of their choice. It promises safe operation. The set is a complete solution.


1. ROOR Vapor Basic Vaporizer Pipe set with US plug! – $650.00

Roor has introduced their high-end, glass-based vaporizer pipe. Customers are not disappointed by this top vaporizer. It boasts a 5mm borosilicate glass exterior. The detachable mouthpiece allows effortless cleaning. The black heating thermometer controller allows the user to adjust the temperature easily. It also features a compatible cooling stand. These vaporizer pipes utilize a 110V US-compliant, power cord. The stainless steel screen, complements the removable glass container. It also includes an integrated diffuser.