Best Glass Water Pipes of 2017

Glass water pipes are becoming more and more popular among smokers. The convenience of a glass water pipe for at home use is one of the many reasons smokers tend to use them, along with the affordability, the unique designs, and overall user experience. While not all users are looking for the same experience or quality piece, what sets glass water pipes apart from typical pipes is the ability to add water to filter the smoke, as well as add ice to cool the smoke in certain models. The ability to control the temperature of the smoke makes the inhale much less irritating to the throat. The possibilities are endless, and all the many options to choose from may make it difficult for someone to make a decision when it comes to picking the piece that is just right for their needs. Compiled here is a list of the ten best glass pipes available right now.

10. Blaze Glass Water Pipes – Stemless Inline Perc Tube – Two 8-arm Percs – Frosted Glass / $175

These beautiful glass pipes are manufactured by Blaze Glass and feature a unique horizontal design. Equipped with a six-slit inline percolator, these are visually-appealing glass water pipes that delivers smooth draws. These glass water pipes can also hold ice cubes to cool the smoke as it is inhaled, enabling the user to take in a longer draw. One of the sturdier water pipes, this lovely piece has a splash guard as well as a large bowl and stemless design.

9. Blaze Glass Water Pipes – Lazy Bong – Stemless Ice Bong – Double Inline Perc – Green / $225

These glass water pipes have a double inline percolator with seven slits that gives the user quality bubbles, as well as a green tint to compliment the glass. These glass water pipes are also equipped with ice catchers to improve the smoothness of the draw, while cooling the smoke at the same time. One of the more user-friendly water pipes for users who prefer a cooler hit. The perfect water pipes for those wanting to enjoy a “lazy” day at home.

8. Blaze Clear Glass Water Pipes – Beaker Base – 9mm / $175

These glass pipes look to be lab-class inspired with their complete beaker design that is made of thick clear glass. These beaker base glass water pipes are compatible with ice and having blue ice notches on the inside. These glass water pipes also have a diffused downstem with the “Blaze Glass” logo on it. These science-inspired water pipes are affordable and sturdy, as well as stylish.

7. Blaze Glass Water Pipes – Premium Spiral Perc Beaker Base Ice Bong – Pink / $249

These stunning glass pipes are manufactured by Blaze Glass and feature pink borosilicate glass with a spiral percolator for a softer draw. These high quality glass water pipes can be used with ice as well, and has the “Blaze Glass” logo sandblasted on to it. These glass water pipes also have a splash guard and a carb hole. With their large pink bowl, spiral percolator, and slitted diffuser downstem, these water pipe is perfect for those who want an attractive piece at an affordable price.

6. Blaze Glass Twister – 4mm Glass Recycler Bong / $199

These stemless glass water pipes are made of borosilicate glass and have a honeycomb diffuser disk percolator that filters smoke in the bottom water chamber. These glass water pipes also have a wheel percolator that produces bubbles in multiple directions, making a more gentle inhale. The stable base and durability of the glass make these glass pipes very sturdy. These water pipes have an externally mounted downstem as well as a handle.

5. Grace Glass – 18-arm Perc Cylinder 7mm Glass Tube with 6-arm Diffuser Downstem – Blue / $157

These glass water pipes are made of heat-proof borosilicate glass and have a slitted percolation chamber inside that aids in delivering smoother, more bubbly hits. These glass pipes also come equipped with ice notches to cool the smoke. The “Grace Glass” logo is featured in blue to compliment the clear glass of these sleek glass pipes. These glass water pipes have a carb hole feature and come with their own rubber stopper.

4. “Pulse Glass – Barrel Stemline Perc Stemless Tube – Red” / $419.99

These award-winning glass water pipes feature quality German Schott glass, a thich red base, and have no need for a carb hole. These glass pipes have a stemline percolator that smoke travels through before meeting the disc perc. Made in the USA, these glass water pipes provide excess amounts of bubbles and have the added bonus of water filtration. These water pipes also have a large bowl that comes with a built-in glass disc screen.

3. “Black Leaf Glass Water Pipes- Stemless Inline Perc Tube – 6-arm Perc – Green” / $157.50

These glass pipes feature a stemless, zig-zagged tube that has a green bowl included. These glass water pipes are equipped with ice notches, two slitted percolators, and a splash guard. Made with a clear glass design that has green to compliment, these beautiful glass pipes have a horizontal structure as well, making them one of the “coolest” glass water pipes to use.

2. “Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Bong by Grav Labs – 16 Inches – Black or Clear” / $174.99

These glass pipes come in two colors and are made of sturdy borosilicate glass. Featuring a honeycomb disc percolator and an ice catcher that doubles as a splash guard, these glass water pipes deliver cooler, smoother draws without the risk of splashing. These glass pipes have a trendy beaker base to give the appearance a bit of flare. Last but not least, these glass water pipes are backed by a limited-time warranty courtesy of Grav Labs.

1. “Twisted Glass Double Honeycomb Bong – 15 Inches – Assorted Colors” / $149.99

These glass water pipes are known for their honeycomb percolator that allows smoke to be inhaled in the smoothest way possible. These water pipes are available in three colors and are made of tough borosilicate glass. The beautiful construction of these glass water pipes is pleasing to the eye. For the price, this is one of the best glass water pipes with a honeycomb percolator that is available for purchase.