Best Water Bongs of 2017

Being able to purchase water bongs online has opened a whole new world for those looking for water bongs for sale. Without a doubt, bongs have their place in certain homes and in some circumstances, having multiple water bongs is the way to go to serve every need. This list of water bongs is comprised of bongs of a wide variety and you are sure to find one (or several) that match just what you are looking for. Check out these bongs for sale.

10. Blaze Glass – Complete Mix and Match Kit – Liquid Cooling Spiral Tube – $449.00

There are a lot of factors that come into buying bongs and style is one of them. This bong for sale has plenty of style to go around. With a popular beaker base, this is one of those bongs that definitely stand out. It features quality borosilicate glass and no carb hole will be found in this variety of water bongs. Finding a water bong with mix and match parts can be a rare find in brick-and-mortar stores can be hard to do. However, this is one of the benefits of buying bongs online. The possibilities are endless. This is definitely one of those water bongs for sale that is a must have for any collection.

9. Blaze Glass – Premium Spiral Perc Beaker Base Ice Bong – $249.00

Unique bongs may not be that hard to find but a water bong for sale with an internal spiral perc may be a little more rare. This is one of those water bongs that features just that. Like other bongs for sale, this one has a strong beaker base and a sandblasted logo. This bong also has ice notches that are popular with many water bongs online.

8. Black Leaf – Glass Ice Bong with Double Drum Perc – $199.00

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This is a simple yet classy water bong, which many who shop for bongs online will be attracted to. This water bong for sale will match any décor. Water bongs that are made with quality borosilicate glass are often the best ones and this is what this water bong has, as well as a reinforced downstream. This kind of bong for sale also has a unique base that is not popular with bongs but it stands out. Check out these water bongs for sale.

7. Blaze Glass – Black Dominion – Double 8-arm Perc Beaker Tube – $209.25

A Water bong with simple style is often the most stylish and that is the case with this water bong for sale. Water bongs online often have black styling but these bongs have a matte finish that makes it stand out above other water bongs. This bong for sale comes with a spacious bowl that most users appreciate in bongs.

6. ROOR – Little Sista – Beaker Base 7mm Glass Ice Bong – $499.00

This ROOR Little Sista water bong from Germany features extra thick durable glass that makes it one of the best water bongs for sale that are built to last. Beaker based water bong are also popular and this one comes with ice notches that are a requirement for many people looking to purchase bongs online. A water bong with sure simple style such as this one make great gifts for people who appreciate bongs. There is plenty of these kind of water bongs for sale so you may want to get one of yourself as well.

5. ‘Blaze Glass’ Clear Glass Bong – Beaker Base- 5mm – $97.50

Another simple styled water bong from Blaze Glass, this one also has a silver polished finish that adds a touch of class that is not often found in other bongs for sale. These water bongs have diffused downstem and 5.1 inch stem. This water bong for sale also has a rubber carbstopper included. Like other  bongs online, if you see this one on sale you should get it before it is gone!

4. Blaze Glass – Complete Mix and Match Kit – Removable Perc Tube – $190.00

This is another one of those water bong that have mix and matched pieces. Like other water bong for sale from Blaze Glass, these water bongs and simple and stylish. High quality borosilicate glass that these bongs are made with can be found in many water bongs online. However, unlike many water bongs online, this water bong has a tall height of 25.5 inches. A Water bong that is able to be mixed and matched is not easily found but luckily this one, and others, are found among other water bongs for sale.

3. Fancy Water Bongs with Assorted Colors – Handblown Glass- 10 Inches – $59.99

The name says it all! This water bong is very fancy, but classic. Unlike many water bongs for sale in person and bongs online, this one has an old fashioned vibe that is rare for your typical water bong. However, the style and beauty of these water bong cannot be denied. Water bongs like this do not come around every day and these water bongs for sale is definitely a great deal.

2. Fancy Water Bongs with Assorted Colors – Handblown Glass – 9 inches – $59.99

Another one of those fancy water bong, this would make a great gift for someone who takes pride in their water bong. This water bong for sale is made from hand blown glass and is very durable, which is a quality that is appreciated with bongs, whether you purchase your water bongs online or if you buy your water bongs on sale whenever you see one. Unlike many a water bong, you won’t want to hide it but instead display it with pride. A water bong this beautiful is not common so if you like it, purchase it while it is available!

1. Inline Dual Action Bubbler by Grav Labs – Dab Ring and Dry Herb Bong – 12 inches – $249.99

This Inline Dual Action Bubbler water bong is a perfect addition to any collection. It also a great for a person who is looking to purchase water bong for a gift or for themselves. Water bong online are everywhere but dual action water bong for sale are not commonly found. Also unlike other water bongs for sale, this one can be used with dry herbs or other substances such as oils or waxes. A water bong for sale of this caliber is not the standard fare and purchasing this one will be a great decision.