Top 18 Weed Pipes Available for Sale Online

Marijuana smoking has been part of native heritage for centuries. There’s no sense in hitting weed pipes if it’s not done in an efficient way. A weed pipe is a custom device used to burn Marijuana herbs. It is the healthiest method of cannabis smoking. Cannabis bongs have increased in popularity. Many medical scientists have studied the anatomy of the herb and the effects when it enters the body. They’ve concluded that it has medicinal properties known to offer health benefits. It has potent agents that can assume the role of a pain reliever. Here’s a list showing the top 18 best weed pipes. Explore the gallery below and grab the best weed pipe online for an unbeatable price.


18. Classic Helix Steamroller Weed Pipes by Grav Labs – Small – 9 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 89.99

Grav Labs have introduced their classic Helix Steamroller line of weed pipes. They’re available in three assorted colors, including blue, red and green. Add-on accessories include a K-Clip and pinch bowl application. This efficient steamroller is compact in size. In comparison to other glass pipes, this Borosilicate-based Helix steamroller is a travel companion. It has a portable, discreet design, making it the ideal accessory to hide in the pocket. These are the best weed pipes that are affordable and durable.


17. Lava Stonewear Weed Pipes by Celebration Pipes – Assorted Colors – $ 99.99

Celebration Pipes have fashioned an eclectic set of their best weed pipes. Their latest handcrafted line of marijuana pipes boasts an award-winning design. They’re made from durable materials. These lava stoneware smoking devices boast exquisite detail. It has a fashionable design. The bowl features an efficient, organic heat reflector. It vapors herbal materials at a temperature ranging over 2, 350 degrees. The base of the bong has been fitted with three-decade-old Lava Stoneware artwork. It is compatible with different herbs and chemical content. These attractive weed pipes come with a handcrafted pouch made with authentic velvet and satin fabric. It makes a perfect gift. It offers a colorful spectrum of shades, including black coral, purple haze, 24k Gold, victory green, opal, Rasta Fire and Hanalei Blue.


16. Long Glass Gandalf Sherlock Weed Pipes with Rasta Colors – 14 inches – $ 99.99

These Lord-of-the-Rings weed pipes offer the perfect design to get fanatics in the mood. Glass pipes are an epitome of luxury. The handle of the pipe is grip-friendly. The Sherlock line of weed pipes, measure 14 inches in length. It is a Gandalf-inspired prototype, decked out with a Rasta-color themed design. Some consider this one of their best weed pipes and they offer a lifetime of use as the glass is made of the finest materials.


15. Clear Dabbing Spoon Weed Pipes with Nail Dome – 4 Inches – $ 49.99

Handcrafted as a multipurpose solution, dabbing spoon weed pipes offer two methods of vaping. It uses two attachments from which a smoker can choose. This includes an applicator for dried materials and the other for concentrate plant/chemical substances. It measures four inches in length. The convenience, double-duty Dabbing spoon-shaped weed pipes extend to weed smokers is everything to appreciate. It features a fitting hand-blown glass base.


14. Glass Mini Hitter Weed Pipes with Wood Tip by Elevate Accessories – Assorted Colors – $ 54.99

Elevate accessories weed pipes are the perfect portable devices to support a smoker’s habit. They’re compact and feature a discreet design. This glass-based mini hitter offers four assorted tips made of pure wood. The color options, include Wild Olive, Katalox, Verawood and Amboyna Burl. The design of these best weed pipes makes them functional and exotic. It features a high-end glass cylinder. The craftsmanship invested in the detail, epitomizes true authenticity. The durable wood framework has been engineered to last a lifetime.


13. Handblown Glass Spoon Weed Pipes with Rasta Colors – $ 49.99

Hand-blown Rasta-themed weed pipes are an epitome of true heritage. This chubby styled glass piece has a soothing effect on smokers. It fits in the hand comfortably. This smoking device is of a compact size. It measures 3.5 inches in length. Spoon-styled weed pipes can fit into the pocket discreetly. It fulfills a smoker’s need for privacy. The high-end glass construction adds age to the device. They’re a lifetime investment.


12. Luxury Wood Dugout Kit with Glass One-Hitter Weed Pipes by Elevate Accessories – $ 124.99

Elevate Accessories offers a complete smoking solution in a single kit. Handcrafted to perfection, these luxury weed pipes and wood-based dugout kit are efficient accessories to own. They’re not just attractive as these are resilient glass pipes. The dugout boasts a desirable tritone color that boost the aesthetic appeal. The tobacco stash offers a convenient storage option. The Wild-olive-toned tip complements the cylinder-shaped glass hitter superbly. It assumes the stealth-mode without leaving a trace of evidence. These are travel-friendly and regarded as some of the best weed pipes–an ideal portable device to bring anywhere.


11. Heavy Marble Weed Pipes with Orange Tiger Swirls – 5 Inches – $ 49.99

Embossed in heavy marble, this 5-inch smoking pipe ornamented with tiger-themed swirling artwork is every smoker’s desire. Handheld best weed pipes are portable and functional pieces, that a smoker can add to their collection. It boasts vibrant colors and an impeccable design. It has been handcrafted to give maximum satisfaction. The bowl application attached to these weed pipes are deep enough to hold excessive amounts of tobacco. The easy-to-grip glass frame fits in the hand comfortably.


10. Multi-Tool with One Hitter Weed Pipes, Lighter, Hemp Wick, Poker, Clip, Rolling Papers – Assorted Colors – $ 39.99

Legalize Pot Belly Pigs Co. line of handcrafted best weed pipes are timeless. This one-hitter variety is a complete solution. The kit includes a compact glass-based container, stainless steel double-duty clip/poker dabber, a hemp wick and rolling paper. The multi-tool storage kit is perfect for on-the-road travelers. These weed pipes include a convenient tobacco stash for storage. This hemp vapor set is the right choice for busy smokers over 18. It comes in assorted colors, including tan, brown and orange.


9. Classic Pink Glass Spoon Weed Pipes by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 39.99

Grav Labs handheld best weed pipes take smokers to paradise. A fashionable variety is the classic, spoon-shaped vapor hitter. They’re well-designed and durable. This 4-inch vapor pipe boast a compact, resilient Borosilicate-based glass frame. It meets a smoker’s every need in quality and efficiency. A buyer has a variety of vapor weed pipes from which, they can choose the best design. The portable design allows a smoker to secure it for safe storage in a bag or the pocket. There’s a spectrum of color options from which a buyer can choose. Smokers can also request custom, engraved or painted designs to give the decal that luxury appeal. The colors available include green, white, pink, amber and blue.


8. Multi-Colored Glass Sherlock Weed Pipes – Handblown – 4 Inches – $ 49.99

Multi-colored Sherlock weed pipes have become a modern fashion trend. This design boasts a discreet style which allows smokers to support their habit privately. Glass pipe collectors will appreciate this 4-inch hemp hitter. It has a resilient glass-based construction with floral artwork on the inside. It is a hand-blown variety. These weed pipes boast a powerful mechanism which accounts for its efficiency in vaporizing herbs.


7. Adjustable Metal Weed Pipes – 4 Pieces – $ 14.99

Metal weed pipes are an epitome of beauty. This convertible array boasts an indestructible housing. It is heat-resistant and stylish. Smokers can change the parts to fashion a piece that fits their standard. It is a travel companion, measuring just five inches in length. These weed pipes are the perfect souvenirs. They’re equally fit to indulge in casual smoking as well. It is a lifetime investment.


6. Pink Glass Sherlock Weed Pipes – 3.5 Inches – $ 49.99

Women can support their weed smoking habits with pink Sherlock weed pipes. These delicate pieces, measure just 3.5 inches in size. The pretty pink glass pipe construction flaunts a posh, feminine artwork. It is attractive and compact enough to store in the handbag. Women can indulge in private smoking with these pink weed pipes anywhere. It is resilient and functional – also pink!


5. “Okay” Glass Weed Pipes – Black and White – 5.5 Inches – $ 49.99

Marijuana pipes have undergone a transformation in design since their introduction. They’re available in different styles, colors, texture, etc. Okay-branded weed pipes are the perfect glass pieces for tobacco smokers. The hand-shaped pipe boast a fancy black and white artwork that completes the exterior glass finish. The best weed pipes are portable and discreet. It is 5.5 inches long.


4. Curvy Wood Weed Pipes With Sliding Cover – Assorted Colors – $ 12.99

Sometimes, buying marijuana pipes pose a challenge as a buyer can choose from a variety of styles available. Curvy wood pipes are fancy and efficient. The best weed pipes are made from wood and are a favorite among modern smokers. They’re low-maintenance and offer a lifetime of use. This design includes a stylish sliding cover. It boasts solid wood material and a resilient construction. Wooden weed pipes are as real as it gets.


3. Handblown Glass Spoon Weed Pipes – Green with Swirls – 4 Inches – $ 29.99

Glass-based spoon-shaped weed pipes are becoming a favorite among many smokers. This stylish array has green swirls inside of its glass casing. It is a hand-blown variety that has been handcrafted with high-quality materials. The impeccable artwork makes it an epitome of luxury. These 4-inch long best weed pipes are stealthy and portable.


2. Quick Draw Smoker Tool with Glass One Hitter Weed Pipes, Lighter, and Hemp Wick – Assorted Colors – $ 24.99

Smokers can reach an all-time high, using this line of one-hitter weed pipes. The kit includes a hemp wick, quick-draw tool, lighter and glass-based one-hitter. It features three attractive colors, including orange, black and green. Smokers can use these best weed pipes by Legalize Pot Belly Pigs Co. with confidence. The sleek design and one-hand operating mechanism, makes it an absolute solution for young smokers as well.


1. Classic Helix Spoon Weed Pipes by Grav Labs – Mini – 5 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 64.99

Grav Labs, fashionable Helix weed pipes are an exceptional choice for travelers. The stealthy device measures only 5 inches. It is travel-worthy and beautiful. Micro-holes have been engineered into its design to enhance the vapor quality. It vapors dry herbs smoothly. This gives off a cooling sensation. These are considered the best weed pipes featuring a tough, Borosilicate glass construction.