Top 60 Glass Pipes Available Online in 2017 | Smokesy

Glass pipes allow smokers to smoke with the discretion that society demands today. However, glass pipes and pipes in general are designed to be small in scope, but deliver a quality smoking experience. In addition, there are several sizes of glass pipes and small, in some cases, may be subjective. There is also a vast selection of quality pipes, and to make an informed choice in these styles all that is necessary is to click the pictures for a purchase.

60. Sherlock Pipe – Inside Out – $99.00

The four and a half inch Sherlock pipe inside out are beautiful Sherlock style glass pipes. As you can see from the image, they are true Sherlock pipes with very deep bowls and a stem that curves to the flattened mouthpiece. The colors on these showpiece glass pipes are stunning and vivid. It also has several glass bead holders.


59. Nano Direct Inject Honeycomb Bong by Grav Labs – Mini – 8 Inches – Aqua – $ 139.99

The new Grav Nanos glass pipes are available in three non perc versions and four Tree style perc glass pipes. They are manufactured using high-grade borosilicate glass and come complete with all the necessary equipment. These glass pipes are glass on glass pipe construction in the perc versions and have ergonomically shaped mouthpieces. They are also available in eight arm Micro-Trees.


58. Incredibowl Pipe – Incredibowl i420 Deluxe Set – $169.00

Revolutionary Incredibowl i420 are incredible glass pipes, with a revolutionary smoking technology. This pipe is available in several colors. The pipe comes in a hard carrying case with all included accessories. It has polycarbonate tube with a borosilicate glass bowl. The system carries instructions, and the collection is as complete as any glass pipes.


57. Heavy Glass Spoon Pipe – Inside Out Fumed Flower – Handblown – 5 Inches – $ 39.99

These glass pipes are beautiful free form traditional style glass pipes. The version i-o is a faux granite or marble style glass pipe with beautifully painted abstract scrolls that run the length of the short stubby pipe. Because the pipe is stubby, it is has a deep bowl, and the mouthpiece has a well-sized cooling chamber. The entire pipe only measures four and a half inches long that is the perfect size for discretion.


56. Pyp Tek – Prometheus Titan Pipe – Choice of 5 colors – $140.00

This is the latest innovation in glass pipes. Pyp Tek Prometheus Titan Pipe has a totally removable bowl stem and mouthpiece that when they are together are housed min an aluminum frame. The pipe comes with all the necessary accessories. These glass pipes are like no other.


55. Glass Hammer Bubbler – Clear with Fume and Color Wrap – Choice of 3 Colors – $63.25

These are the glass pipes that can replace traditional bongs and glass pipes. When in use it is normal, but when placed down, the pipe is engineered to keep the water chamber upright. This prevents nasty spills. It is made of the highest quality glass and the include carburetor on the left side of the bowl.

54. Black Leaf – Double Perc Sherlock Bubbler Handpipe – Green – $75.00

Double Perc Sherlock Bubbler Hand Glass Pipes by black leaf come in a beautiful translucent green. Hand held bubblers of this quality are rare. Double Perc Sherlock handheld glass pipes are even rarer. These percs have that classic Sherlock tilt that are indicative of the pipe style.


53. Glass Sherlock Pipe Attachment for Incredibowl Pipe Mini m420 – $59.00

Glass Sherlock Pipe Attachment for Incredibowl Pipe Mini m420 is a great accessory for the Mini m420. The Mini’s have become very popular glass pipes, and the accessories should fit their quality. This attachment definitely serves that purpose while delivering the superior smoke ability of the Sherlock tobacco glass pipes.


52. Heavy droop style Sherlock – $82.50

The Heavy droop style Sherlock glass pipes are stunning yet small enough to be used with complete discretion. And, often small glass pipes are straight shooters or sample pipes, but these Sherlock style offers the benefits of the Sherlock style in a glass pipe. Also, they have swirl patterns with a glass kickstand.


51. VaporGenie Vaporizer Pipe – Choice of 10 colors – $55.00

VaporGenie Vaporizer Pipe is a part of the Vaping craze. This healthy method of smoking requires filters and batteries, but the VaporGenie Vaporizer Pipe is as easy to use as glass pipes. Glass pipes have their place, but vaping is considered safer. These beautiful maple pipes are adorned with a mid-century style and colors.


50. Glass Taster Pipe – Fumed with Color Wrap and Clear Marble – Choice of 3 Colors – $24.75

Glass Taster Pipe are glass pipes are used to sample or take small hits while being discreet. These beautiful four inch glass pipes are called Fumed with Color Wrap and Clear Marble and are available in several colors. It has a glass marble kickstand and the colors are vivid.


49. Cool Clay Metal Pipe – $25.00


The clay pipes perform as well as glass pipes. They are ceramic over metal which is more like porcelain. In addition, these types of pipes stay cooler than most glass pipes and have a very deep bowl. They are decorated in many fashionable patterns and have a long sleek stem.


48. The Peabody Pipe – $25.00

The Peabody pipe is more mechanical than many handheld glass pipes. Glass pipes are also probe to breaking. The Peabody pipe is a classic Oregon original foldable wood pipe with an inserted nickel lined bowl and mouthpiece. It has all the authentic logos and patent information. This is indicative of a quality that is hard to achieve in glass pipes.


47. Colorful Glass Green Apple Bowl with Leaf and Stem – 14mm – $ 29.99

The 14mm Green Apple bowl is an exquisite bowl for glass pipes. This deep ingenious apple bowl has a red stem and green leaf protruding from the apple that can be used as handles and kickstands. The bowl’s stem is frosted and made of heavy quality glass so not to chip glass pipes.


46. Chunky Glass Bowl with Colorful Studs – 18mm – Assorted Colors

The spotted glass bowls for glass pipes are denoted by the beads that are strategically placed along the bowl and stem. The variety is varied to compliment the looks of many glass pipes. The same is true for the frosted receptacles. The bowls measure 18mm in size and the dimensions are proportionate.


45. Chunky Glass Bowl with Red Studs – 14mm – $ 19.99

The 14mm studded bowl for glass pipes comes in a variety of colors. However, the bowl is clear and the studs possess all of the color. The studs also keep the bowl cool and acts as a grip for the bowl itself. The added weight of the studs also makes the bowl less prone to breaks or the chips that come with glass pipes.


44. Handblown Glass Hammer Pipe with Frit Head – 3.75 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 59.99

Frit Head Fume Hammer Hand Glass pipes may seem whimsical in design, but the hammer form allows for a large cooling chamber and bowl on a four inch frit. The claws act as a kickstand so that the glass pipes do not spill when placed down.


43. Handblown Colorful Glass Sherlock Smoking Pipe – 8 Inches – $ 39.99

Fancy Sherlock Hand Glass Pipes are in the Sherlock style, but in the form of glass pipes. This means that the smoke has ample room to cool. The long slender pipes have nice deep bowls, and the entire piece is eight inches long. The fancy Sherlock comes in many wonderful colors with a hand blown kickstand and contrasting bowls.


42. Handblown Glass Bowl – Reversal Green and Yellow with Black Handle – 14mm – $ 29.99

Reversal Black Lip Bowl with Black Handle for glass pipes is a beautiful addition to any connoisseur’s collection of glass pipes. It is 14mm and has a frosted receptacle. It has a beautiful array of swirled marbleized colors and a beautifully glass spun black handle. The stem is done in quality clear glass below the bowl.


41. Standard Clear Glass Ash Catcher – 14mm – $ 29.99

This beautiful translucent blue ash catcher, is both beautiful and functional. It has a 14 mm frosted stem, which makes it delicate when used with fragile and expensive glass pipes. It has a beautifully built in tilt that adds to the uniqueness and functionality of the piece. In addition, these glass pipes are available in arrange of colors.


40. Sleek Black Glass Bowl with Clear Grip – 14mm – $ 19.99

The water pipe black bowl is a deep 14mm bowl with two glass beads for handles. The beautiful sleek black bowl for glass pipes has a frosted receptacle to not damage glass pipes when the bowl is inserted. The simplistic, yet elegant design is both economical and functional. The bowl is deep and more closed at the top than traditional bowls. This allows the bowls to be packed to capacity.


39. Pink Cherry Dome Bowl for Dabbing – 19mm – $ 29.99

The Pink Cherry dome is a standard 19mm dome, but is made of very beautiful pink borosilicate glass. The pink dome is an attractive addition to many collections of glass pipes. Bubbler domes are necessary for the bubbler to function with the correct action. In addition, domes can become cracked and broken and so can the glass pipes themselves. This gives the opportunity to not only gain some beautiful domes like this pink dome with hand blown and colored cherries, but also heavier more substantial domes to prevent breaks.


38. Heavy Four Chamber Glass Bubbler Pipe – Handblown – 8 Inches – $ 74.99

The multicolor four chamber bubbler is only 10 inches long, but it cleans and purifies smoke better than many other water glass pipes. The four chambers are in a straight linear sequence that causes the smoke to be cooled and filtered through four different chambers before reaching the consumer. The mouthpiece is positioned so that the bowl can be incinerated while the glass pipes are stable. It is beautiful and would be a definite statement piece for any connoisseur.


37. Standard Clear Glass Ash Catcher with Honeycomb Percolator – 14mm – $ 39.99

The honeycomb ash catcher is a standard offering for an ash catcher. However, it is elegant in its simplicity. The receptacle ends are frosted so that they will not inadvertently scratch when using in various glass pipes. It has a detachable honey comb filter. The filter not only magnifies the ash catcher’s ability to remove impurities from smoke before it reaches the glass pipes, but it adds an elegant touch to the clear glass filter.

36. Pink Glass Elephant Bowl – Handblown – 14mm – $ 29.99

The Pink Raked Elephant Bowl is a standard 14mm stemmed bowl for pink glass pipes. The pink stem portion is frosted to facilitate using the bowl in your favorite pink glass pipes without scratching the glass openings. The pink color has beautiful platinum striations with and upright pink glass trunk and very detailed small pink glass tusks. The male receptacle is frosted, but it is attached to the pink bowl with crystal clear galls giving it a nice crystal collar.


35. Handblown Glass Bowl – Reversal Green and Orange with Clear Handle – 14mm – $ 19.99

Reversal Orange Green and Black 3 Marble Bowl is a 14mm hand blown bowl for glass pipes. It has the reversed marbleized colors in an inverse whirl pattern, and the male receptacle is frosted for effortless transitioning into many types of glass pipes. It has a nice hand blown glass bead handle. The 14 mm size is compatible with a wide variety of glass pipes and bubblers.

34. Heavy Handblown Glass Spoon Pipe with Fancy Frit – Flat Mouth – 4.5 Inches – $ 29.99

The Fancy Frit Flat Mouth Glass pipes is a very whimsical four and a half inch pipe. It is multi-colored with fancy candy cane striped ribbon for embellishment. These are glass pipes with a large bowl and an extra bulb in the middle to hold and cool the smoke. This combined with the bulbous flat wide mouthpiece function to cool the smoke further.


33. Clear Six Arm Ash Catcher with Green Percolator – 18mm – $ 29.99

Ash catchers are important for the nice bongs, bubblers and glass pipes. That ash catchers capture ash and grime into their interior rather than into a customer’s very nice pipes. The ash catchers are easier to clean than the bubblers and glass pipes. This six arm offering with various colored arms catches more of the ash than traditional ash catchers. They are fully glass constructed and add to the décor of the smoke room.


32. Colorful Acrylic Mini Bong – 8 Inches – Small – Assorted Colors – $ 24.99

The eight inch acrylic water pipe is equivalent to glass pipes in effectiveness. Glass pipes can be hard top clean, but the acrylic versions are not. These water pipes are highly transportable and fear of drops are near nonexistent because of the strength of acrylic. These pipes come with a circular rubber base that is detachable for easy cleaning. The stem and bowl are metal and the stem is very long.


31. Colorful Acrylic Bong – 12 Inches – Medium-Sized – Assorted Colors – $ 29.99

Although acrylic pipes are not glass pipes, they can be very good water pipes that are comparable to glass pipes when delivering a cool consistent smoke. They are very economical, and the translucent color makes them suitable for display, especially the pink 12 inch bong. Acrylic cleans up well, and they do not break easily. This 12 inch pipe has a long stem with a deep bowl, and the mouth piece and base are detachable rubber.


30. Zig Zag Water Bong w/ Assorted Color Base – Handblown Glass – 11 Inches – $ 69.99

The 11 inch Water Glass Pipes Mix Color Bottom are desk top glass pipes with a swirl marbleized water chamber that matches the mouth piece, and stem and bowl combination. The stem meets a rolled mouthpiece and a double bulb stem where the stem meets the water chamber. Because they are hand blown, the pipes are slightly different. This makes every piece unique. These beautiful water pipes are designed to be show pieces and displayed.


29. Fancy Water Bong with Assorted Colors – Handblown Glass – 10 Inches – $ 59.99

Glass pipes especially bongs have become works of art. The Water Pipe Mix Colored Bottom are these exact glass pipes. The have a marbled swirl water chamber with a wide mouth stem. The rolled top of the smoking chamber gives way to a wide neck. Some glass pipes can be selected with a blue swirl where the stem meets the mouthpiece. The pieces are 10 inches tall.


28. Sneaky Teaky Special – Wooden Pipe with Metal Inlays – $10.00

These teak wood pipes are the same size as small glass pipes. They function well without the need to be cleaned as often as glass pipes. These pipes are designed to be hidden well and used without attention.


27. Glass Mini Bong with Hook – 9 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 69.99

Straight shooter glass pipes are nice in all types, but the straight shooter Water Pipe Hook Blue are nine inch marijuana pipes with a cobalt blue circular base. It has a rounded top on the wide mouthpiece and the water chamber is on bottom. They are classically stacked glass pipes or bongs with a very innovative hook design handles that are clear to make the cobalt blue base stand out even more.


26. Heavy Glass Bubbler with Rasta Colors – 8 Inches – $ 59.99

The Heavy Rasta Bubbler glass pipes are the whimsical versions of the culture. To guard against cracks or breaks, the glass of these glass pipes is made triple thick. It is mounted on a full circular base that anchors the heavy construction of these marijuana pipes well. The mouthpiece and water chamber are both clear, and the Rasta colors swirl the other portions. The heavy construction also serve to make the bubbler perform better by absorbing the heat away from the smoke.


25. Colorful Glass Sherlock Pipes – Handblown – Assorted Colors – 5 Inches – $ 49.99

These heavy glass pipes are made in the Sherlock style, but the marijuana pipes are setting upright on a three bead stand. These glass pipes are all slightly different because they are hand blown. They have a seriously deep bowl and a glass bead handle attached. The mouth piece is wide and full with a twisted neck. The Latty glass pipe is five inches in length, but is definitely a desk model.


24. Thick Glass Heady Spoon Pipe – Handblown – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 39.99

The assorted headies are glass pipes in the best form of the pipe, especially the pink pipe. The marijuana pipes are all four to six inches long and have glass bead handles and a carburetor in the bowl. The bowl is very deep with a straight handle. The mouthpiece is slightly larger than the stem, but the large stem cools and retains the smoke inside the glass pipes. They are all assorted colors because they are hand blown.


23. Artisanal Ceramic Pipe with Glazed Accents by Miwak Junior – $ 79.99

This ceramic style carved pipe comes in three colors.  This beautifully crafted pipe by Sebastian Boher, although not a glass pipe, has a large chamber and provides just the right amount of distance between the mouthpiece and the bowl for maximum effectiveness.  Despite not being a glass pipe, this ceramic pipe is growing in popularity due to its functional design.

22. Long Glass Gandalf Pipe with Colorful Bowl – 13.75 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 99.99

The Wizard style of glass pipes are termed because of their long slender stems. These marijuana pipes are set on a glass blown bead and features a textured bowl that is a total of one inch deep. This sleek unique design allows for smoking comfort by allowing the smoke to cool in the long thin stem of these glass pipes. This type is definitely made to be showcased on the desk or table.


21. Long Glass Gandalf Pipe with Black and White Swirls – 14 Inches – $ 99.99

The 14 inch Sherlock style long black and white Wizard glass pipes are mostly stem. The long sweep allows the smoke to cool before reaching the smoker and stands on a blown beaded glass foot. These slender elegant glass pipes are designed to be a desk or table top model because of its uniqueness. The sweep also allows the marijuana pipes to light easily in spite of its length.


20.Heavy Chunky Glass Spoon Pipe with Rasta Wrap – Handblown – 4.5 Inches – $ 39.99

The wrap or swirl pattern is classic in glass pipes, but this four and a half inch pipe is the classic straight form with a nice deep bowl. The colors are Rasta, but in more modern muted tones. These glass pipes exude sophistication and more importantly, they are very effective at providing a smooth cool smoke. The mouthpieces have a bulbous form to promote cooling of these marijuana pipes.


19.Handblown Chunky Glass Spoon Pipe with Rasta Swirls – 5 Inches – $ 39.99

The spoon shape is the original shape of glass pipes. The curve of the spoon shape allows the small three and a half inch glass pipes to function handily when in use. It has a deep bowl and the indicative Rasta colors tastefully displayed throughout the pipe. It has a blown bead handle on the bowl and it further assists in the handling capacity and discretion of these marijuana pipes.


18. Classic Wood Sherlock Hand Pipe – Brown with Black Handle – 6 Inches – $ 15.99

The Classic Briar Sherlock pipe. The small size is to mimic the discreet sizes that glass pipes offer. Briar is the classic wood that all English style pipes of a high level of quality are made of. Although glass pipes do not burn out, some prefer the soft smoke produced by wood marijuana pipes. The stems have removable filters to further promote nice smoke.


17. Classic Rosewood Sherlock Hand Pipe – Brown with Black Handle – 7 Inches – $ 15.99

The Rosewood Sherlock pipes are small to mimic the idea of glass pipes, but in the traditional Sherlock Holmes style pipe. Unlike glass pipes, these pipes have a deep beautiful polished wood grain. They contain replaceable metal filters too make sure the smoke is quality ever time the pipe is started. Glass pipes have to be cleaned more often than this type.


16. Standard Clear Glass Slide Bowl – 14mm – $ 19.99

The 14mm glass slide bowl for glass pipes is made of the nicest glass. It also frosted at the male receptacle for smother entry into all sorts of glass pipes. The standard size allows the glass pipe to be used in a variety of styles and forms of pipes while the blown glass bead handle makes it easy to insert and remove. This slide bowl also has thick design and a deep well.


15. Classic Curvy Wood Smoking Pipe – Rosewood – 4 Inches – $ 12.99

Our selection of hand carved rosewood pipes have nice deep bowls that are great for marijuana pipes. A rosewood pipe rivals a good glass pipe in smoking superiority. In addition, glass pipes can sometimes break and glass pipes can also be hard to clean, but the rosewood pipes do not have that problem. However, these four inch pipes are still a size that can be enjoyed while being discreet.


14. Mini Meerschaum Pipe – Wolf – 5 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 29.99

Mini Wolf Animal Meerschaum Glass Pipes are manufactured in Turkish Meerschaum that is combined with other natural minerals. They are also inspected and finished by hand. This makes every piece unique. The stems can vary, but the quality is far superior to briar and wood pipes of the same style. These glass pipes are only four and a half inches long and have a deep bowl, but are completely made in a discreet size.


13. Unique Glass Animal Pipe – Turtle – Green with Blue Dots – Handblown – 4 Inches – $ 49.99

The beautiful emerald green turtle glass pipes have deep bowls for the shell and a bulbous head for the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can hold and cool smoke while the short four inch glass pipes are built for discretion. It is set in blown glass beads and has blue bead eyes to match the blue dots located throughout the entire turtle. It is a very nice, but whimsical turtle form.


12. Colorful Glass Animal Pipe – Fish – Handblown – 5 Inches – $ 49.99

The Rasta Fish are classic glass pipes with lots of personality. This fish has the Jamaican colors and the bowl on the tail fin end of these glass pipes. It is three and half inches long and is set on glass bead feet. The fattened body acts as a cooling chamber and is also effective at retaining the smoke inside the vessel. The top fin acts as a nice handle point.


11. Mini Meerschaum Pipe – Saber Tooth Tiger – 5 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 19.99

The Mini Hand Finished Tiger Animal Meerschaum Glass Pipes are created in a process that allows every marijuana pipe to be hand finished and also personally inspected. It is made in the traditional wooden tobacco pipe style, and the stem colors vary. The stunning Saber Tooth Tiger design makes these glass pipes a centerpiece for desks and tables and also gives the pipe a very deep bowl.


10. Colorful Glass Animal Pipe – Elephant – Handblown – 5 Inches – $ 49.99

These six inch glass elephant pipes are a stunning iteration of glass pipes. The elongated erect trunk houses the mouthpiece and the back provides for a very deep bowl. The elephant is pink with a purple tie dye style whirl. The head of the elephant has ample room to act as a retention and cooling chamber before the smoke travels through the long stem and out of the mouth piece of the marijuana pipes.


9. Handblown Glass Spoon Pipes – Cloudy White with Rasta Stripe – 5 Inches – $ 39.99

These white crush glass pipes contain a nice contrast of color. As you can see from the image, the color contrast runs the length of the glass pipe from the mouth piece to the deep bowl. These glass pipes are three and half inches long. In conclusion, it is the perfect size for a discrete glass pipe.


8. Mini Meerschaum Pipe – Skull – 5 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 19.99

The Mini Hand Finished Skull Meerschaum Pipes are glass pipes that are manufactured so that each pipe is hand worked and individually inspected. Hence, every piece is slightly different and unique. As you can see from the image, the classic skull design is paired with the classic wood and briar tobacco pipes. The drawback in the wooden versions of these glass pipes is that wood pipes eventually burnout and a glass pipe made of Turkish Meerschaum and natural mineral do not.


7. Upline Spoon Glass Pipe by Grav Labs – 5 Inches – Clear – $ 39.99

Grav Labs came out with this spoon glass pipe and it didn’t let anyone down! It is simple, functional, 5 inches long, and is so easy to use. Also, you will love the upline’s filtration. Grav Labs uses high quality 25x4mm glass in the glass pipe. Bottom line, there is a reason this glass pipe is ranked this high. Remember to click to purchase!

6. Unique Animal Glass Pipes – Green Parrot – Handblown – 5 Inches – $ 49.99

These beautiful parrot glass pipes are standing on two blown glass bulb feet. Additionally, the beak is a bright orange and it has a beautiful yellow body with a deep bowl placed directly in the back of the parrot with the mouthpiece on the long slender end of the tail feathers of the glass pipe. Notably, these glass pipes stand upright for easy loading and has a carb in the front of the piece.


5. Small Plain Stone Chillum – $8.97

The small plain chillums are comparable to taster glass pipes or one hitter glass pipes. As you can see, this model is made of dark mottled stone with a glossy turned stone sheen. Simply put, it is elegant in its simplicity and is very discreet.


4. Color-Changing Glass Animal Pipes – Lizard – Handblown – Gold Fumed – 7 Inches – $ 49.99

The six inch lizard is the true size to be discreet yet whimsical. It is a very detailed hand blown specimen that has the detail of an actual lizard. It has a sleek s-shaped curve that helps with the flow and cooling of the glass pipe. This is the essential reason for using glass pipes. Glass pipes like the lizard are for people that need this discretion, but would like to still show their style.


3. Glass Beaker Base Bong with Tree Perc by Grav Labs – 16 Inches – $ 199.99

There are seven versions of the Grav Lab Nano glass pipes. The Nano line includes three non perc and four perc styles available in the tree style percolator glass pipes and eight arm micro trees. The tree percs also have ergonomically shaped mouthpieces. The Nano glass pipe comes with all the necessary accessories and the percs are made with glass on glass 38×4 tube construction.


2. Zig Zag Water Bong with Elbow and Colorful Base – Handblown Glass – 10 Inches – $ 59.99

The Water Pipe 2 Elbow has the built in elbow design that further allows the smoke to cool and be retained while smoking. It has a beautifully colored hand blown base attached to the stem. Also, these glass pipes are traditional bongs that are re-thought into an innovative form that is very beautiful and worthy of display. The glass pipes stand 10 inches tall, and these tie dyed type bases vary from marijuana pipes to marijuana pipes.


1. Classic Helix Steamroller Glass Pipes by Grav Labs – Small – 9 Inches – Assorted Colors – $ 89.99

Grav Lab’s Steamrollers are simple glass pipes with the Grav Lab’s innovative touch. The Steamroller is available in three types of glass pipes that are both simplistic and innovative in design. All are made with high-grade borosilicate glass. They have the simple steamroller with a carburetor in the indented glass bowl end, the Helix steamroller with the Venturi chambered body with a 14.5 millimeter joint and one hitter bowl, and the simple steamroller with a glass on glass 14.5 millimeter stem and bowl featured on the glass pipe. They all have the painted logo in various colors.